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good morning.

Hey its Cupid Nudy Jimbobway, God of Nudity. Well nowe that your here im guessing you wanna know about me then. or do you not care. either way, your gonna read this site out of curiousity. well here we go.

im a god as you can tell of the greatest thing ever.....Nudity. yeah i naked alot if ya cant tell. :) yeah so one day the world will bow done to me and say "ALL HAIL CUPID, GOD OF NUDITY!!!" but till then im stuck makin random streakings acros St. Cloud, Minnesota. either way im a have to deal with public nudity charges.


My interests include massages, Copmputers,porn, and Wicca/majik stuff.

well thats all i have for now. pics will come soon. you can email me at


yea i also have a web site for those who are newly awaken psi-vamps.

Psi-vampires link thingy

till then keep it real and live naked.

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