Chris Miller

If I was to leave this world,
My existance deleted,
My life's breath removed,
My time here completed,
Would you shed a tear for me?

If your heart was taken from me,
Your passion denied me,
The flame extinguished,
You no more beside me,
My tears would flow like rain for you.

What we have found in each other's arms
Most men only dream of,
So many lives remain empty,
Never finding true love ...
And I shed a tear for them.

How many tears will flood this world
Because of kindred hearts
That yearn and long for one another
Though they are worlds apart?
The tears now fall for us ...

And yet within my heart of hearts,
In the recesses of my soul,
Hope flares and flickers like a fading dream
That one day we'll be whole,
And in each other's arms,
Our tears will flow no more...
[Trusted to me by a special friend.]

Susan Marr Spalding

two shall be born...the whole wide world apart
and speak in different tongues...and have no thought
each, of the other's being...and no heed
and these same two
o'er unknown seas, for unknown lands, shall cross
escaping wreak, defying death
and all unconsciously
shape each act, and bend each wandering step
to this one end...
that one day, out of darkness
they must meet
and read Life's meaning in each other's eyes

and these same two
along some narrow way of Life shall walk
so nearly side by side
that should one turn, ever so little space
to left...or right
they needs must stand acknowledged, face to face

and yet...

with wistful eyes, that never meet
and groping hands that never clasp
with lips, calling in vain, to ears that never hear
they seek each other all their weary days
and die unsatisfied

...and this is Fate

The Planets

we've fought a long and bitter war
my Twin Soul and I

lost and lonely, fallen angels, exiled
from a misty, half-forgotten galaxy of stars
wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars
caught in Neptune's tangled web
shocked and torn asunder
by the sudden, awful violence of Uranus
tortured by the clever lies of Mercury
crashed beneath the icy weight of stern, unyielding Saturn
who lengthened every hour into a day
each day into a year
each year into eternities of waiting

scorched, and nearly blinded

by the Sun's exploding bursts of arrogance and pride
as Eve and Adam, stilled and helpless, deep within us cried...

still we fought on in unrelenting fury
striking blow for blow...driven by the pounding drums

of Jupiter's giant, throbbing passions.
stumbling at the precipice of the Moon's enticing madness

to fall, at last, in trembling fear
before the threat of Pluto's ominous, tomb-like silence
consumed by inconsolable sadness, and the bleakness

of despair

we bear...

the wounds and scars of furious battle
I and my Twin Soul

but now we walk in quiet peace
will all our scattered pieces whole
together, hand-in-hand...full serpent circle
back into the Pyramid-shaped rainbow
of tomorrow's brighter Eden

crowned by gentle Venus with the Victory of Love
that did not die
but has survived the night of selfish seeking
to wait for morning's soft forgiveness

and the dawn of understanding
( Linda Goodman)

He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
W.B. Yeats

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread carefully because you tread on my dreams.

The Fairy Tale

If life could be a fairy tale
Where all our dreams came true
Then I would be a princess
And my handsome prince is you.

You'd ride into my castle
With your armour shining bright
And sweep me on your ivory steed
To ride into the night.

Our love would flow as gentle
As the waters in the sea
The stars would twinkle knowing
That our hearts were meant to be.

We'd roam the castle gardens
With no daily toil to bear
And everywhere we traveled
We'd leave a trace of love to share.

Throughout the years, our smiles
Would never fade or dim away
And as we aged an died together
We would love like our first day.

If life could be a fairy tale
If just one dream came true
If only stars could grant the wish
I'd have my life with you.

(1987 Copyright missyp@wwa.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)




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