Capable Corners
Our Mission Statement

Capable Corners was started out of a need for support...The need to draw together a community that is constantly struggling for a voice, the right to be seen as any person should be seen....AS A PERSON OF WORTH. Even though we claim to be a “politically correct” society that treats everyone equally in all truth and actually we fail miserably in our attempts to do so.

Everyday there are tons of disabled children fighting to stay in regular public schools (the constitutional right of every child) and graduate. Many people feel that these children should just be put in institutions, locked away as in olden tell you the truth those olden days are not that far in the past.

By the same token the disabled community continues an ongoing battle to get medical treatment that could drastically improve their medical conditions. Doctors fail to inform people of new treatments that have been helping hundreds of people and HMO’s refuse to cover treatments and procedures deemed experimental that have in fact been around for years..

Perhaps the worst fight we as the disabled community are faced with is the battle with the government. Everyday new bills go up in front of congress that are slowly taking away our medical benefits, SSI and social security, and extended support services such as government; government funded work programs, home health attendants, medical support etc..

Capable Corners strives to keep you informed by publishing some of the latest medical research articles, government bills concerning the ADA, IDEA etc., and by providing some of the best Internet resources around to help you learn more about your medical conditions or become informed if you are just starting out.

It is also our hope that you will nourish your soul by sharing your writings with us or by reading an inspirational story or two to put that determination back in your heart. Use our message boards to vent and share information and please remember that every step is a little easier if you have someone to share it with.

If you look at the graphics throughout Capable Corners you will notice that we have a TON of butterflies, faeries, angels, and unicorns.. all of these things fly and have free spirit and all of them are mystical and unique. Please enjoy Capable Corners and remember here if not anywhere else it is OK to let your spirit fly and to show us your uniqueness.

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