WAYNE MAUNDER portrayed Murdoch Lancer's older son, Scott.  According to official biographies, Mr. Maunder was born in Four Falls, New Brunswick, Canada in 1938 and grew up in Bangor, MAINE.
Scott Lancer was raised in Boston, Massachusetts by his wealthy maternal grandfather, Harlan Garrett. Garrett's daughter, Catherine, had married Murdoch Lancer when he was "just off the boat from Inverness", traveled with him to California and died shortly after giving birth to her son.   According to information provided in the episodes, Scott Lancer was a Union army veteran of the Civil War, having served in a cavalry unit under General Phil Sheridan. He also spent a year in a Confederate camp as a prisoner of war and was the only survivor of a failed escape attempt.  Scott attended Harvard College and at one time was engaged to be married to a Miss Julie Dennison of Boston.  When the Pinkerton man hired to contact Scott inquired if he was Murdoch Lancer's son, his response was : "So I've been told.  Never met the man myself."  Although a later episode indicated that Murdoch Lancer was present at his son's fifth birthday party, Scott evidently had no memory of that visit or of any other contact from his father prior to being approached by the Pinkerton agent.
Prior to his work  in "Lancer",  WAYNE MAUNDER appeared as "Duke" in the "The Monroes" and performed the title role of Lt. Colonel George A. Custer in the TV series "Custer".  Subsequent to "Lancer", he played Sgt. Sam McCray in the NBC series "Chase", which starred Mitchell Ryan. 
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