"Sibling Rivalry"
Most fans seemed to have a decided preference for one Lancer brother or the other.  Many of the series episodes, especially during the second season, can be classified as being either a "Johnny Episode" or a "Scott Show", focusing on one of the characters primarily or
                                                       even exclusively.
Favorite Episodes
featuring JAMES STACY as Johnny:

"Chase a Wild Horse" (the third episode in the series, Johnny leaves Lancer!
              features a bare-chested JS and a symbolic black stallion.)

"Blind Man's Bluff" (Johnny loses his eyesight, the bad guys are in pursuit, and he relies upon the aid of a mute girl, Mattie)

"Warburton’s Edge" (Murdoch and Johnny find themselves on opposing sides of a
        dispute and maybe even opposite sides of the law. Will Johnny's choice cost him his family?)

Favorite Episodes
featuring WAYNE MAUNDER as Scott:

"The Buscaderos" (mistaken for Johnny Madrid, Scott confronts Drago and the Gatling gun and delivers those lines, including "The rope won't break for me."

"Legacy" (the plot relates to some family history, "Murdoch, I think you and I are overdue for a little talk," and we meet Scott‘s grandfather!)

"Zee" (a comic turn for WM, who still upholds the law, faces down the bad guys and kisses the girl.)

"Splinter Group" (Scott is determined to repay a debt, but has to go against the law to do it. Johnny is a very supportive brother in this one.)
HOWEVER, the majority of fans would agree that the most memorable scenes were those in which the brothers were seen TOGETHER.   The two actors seemed to play well off of each other even in brief joint appearances.  Favorite episodes with ample screen time for each of the stars include the "The High Riders" pilot episode, "Juniper’s Camp", "Yesterday’s Vendetta" and "The Gifts."
"The Handshake"
Scenes from "Chase a Wild Horse"
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