The "Other Brother"
Murdoch Lancer's second son, Johnny Madrid Lancer---first in the hearts of many fans--- was portrayed by the very popular JAMES STACY. According to his official biography, Mr. Stacy was born in 1936 in Los Angeles, California.
Johnny Lancer was born on the Lancer ranch.  He was the son of Murdoch's second wife, a Mexican woman named Maria whom he had met down in Matamoros.  According to Murdoch, two years after they were married, he "woke one morning to find her gone" and their son along with her. This story differs greatly from the one that Johnny was told, and which he shares with Scott and Teresa: that Murdoch Lancer "gave his mother the keys to the road one day" and told her to take "Buster" along with her.  When Teresa hears this account, she protests vehemently, insisting that Maria left with a gambler and that Murdoch Lancer loved her.  This information clearly has a significant impact upon Johnny.  According to the episodes,  Johnny Lancer had been on his own from an early age and eventually became a gunfighter, adopting the name "Johnny Madrid".  He operated in and around the Mexican border, where he was forced to kill a man before he turned sixteen.  When he was finally located by the Pinkerton agents hired by Murdoch Lancer, Johnny was about to face a firing squad, having been apprehended by the rurales for his role in assisting a peasant revolution.  Other details of Johnny Madrid's childhood and gun fighting career are a favorite subject in fan fiction.
Detailed information about Mr. Stacy is available at his Official Website.

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