The Cast
ANDREW DUGGAN played Murdoch Lancer as a gruff, driven man who was determined to live in the present and let the past stay there.  Even after making his two sons partners in his 100,000 acre spread, he continued to "call the tune".  It was not until the second season of the series that there were many episodes which featured Murdoch.

Mr. Duggan enjoyed a lengthy acting career until his death in 1988.
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PAUL BRINEGAR joined the cast midway through the first season as all -around handy man and horse wrangler Jelly Hoskins.  Although in many episodes he had only a small, often, comic role, there were several shows which featured Jelly.  Notably fond of children, the softhearted Jelly also frequently had occasion to dispense advice to various members of the Lancer family.

Mr. Brinegar, who was especially well known for his role as Wishbone on the series "Rawhide", passed away in 1995.
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ELIZABETH BAUR performed the role of Teresa O'Brien, Murdoch Lancer's ward and the daughter of his late ranch foremen, Paul, who had been killed by the "Land Pirates".  In the pilot episode, she famously invited Scott and Johnny to think of her "as a sister".

Ms. Baur went on to co-star as Fran Belding in the series "Ironside", with Raymond Burr in the title role. 
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