Vintage News Articles
"Lancer Era"
TV Guide   September
                   1967 & 1968

Inside Movie and TV January 1968
"The Sexiest Men in the West"
by Ruth Howard
TV Guide October 26, 1968
"Lancer" Review
by Cleveland Amory

TV Guide February 22, 1969
"Odd Man Out"
by Arnold Hano

TV Guide August 2, 1969
"The Dugan with the Double 'G'"
by Leslie Raddatz

Movieland October 1969
"Wayne Maunder:
The Fan Letters I Answer First"

by Marco Amedeo

TV Guide May 23, 1970
"He Survived Custer's Last Stand"
by Leslie Raddatz

TV Guide June 1, 1974
"Three Heroes Have Disappeared"
by Leslie Raddatz
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