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Home: Goose Creek, South Carolina

Birthplace: Willimington, Ohio

Age: 42

Occupation: Technical Specialist--Crane Systems

Education: Associate of Science Electronic Engineering

Hobbies: Chess, radio control airplanes, outdoors

Last movie seen: The Others

Current rating: 1855

Initial rating: 1620

Favorite chess player: Mikhail Tal

Favorite chess book: 60 Mikhail Tal's Best Games of Chess 1951-60

Advice to novice players: Find your style

Best advice ever received: Find a Mentor, and then emulate him

Words to play by: Cover before you attack

Favorite opening: English

Favorite sports team: Atlanta Braves

Started playing at age: 12

Marital status: married

Children: 3

Words that best describe me: Responsible, dependable, Winners are Winners Daily

Last chess book read: Winning Chess Tactics


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