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You know all those stories, jokes and cartoons you get by email?  Well here they are in all their glory.  To the best of my knowledge none of these are copyrighted unless specified.  If I'm in error please let me know.
Cinderella, the sequel
Answers to those tough questions about marriage... from kids
Tricky questions

Good questions
Noah's lament
Military equipment purchase - feedback form
Oath of a friend
Shop signs
London tube announcements
Lessons I learnt from my mother
Updated nursery rhymes
Temperature conversion for New England
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You might be a cop if . . .
And a picture of a police car being towed, cos it's always good for a laugh!
Great truths about life
You are visitor number
The profane parrot
Fashion in Tokyo - strange!
Nervous priest's first sermon
Ski-ing trip
You know you're in the 21st century when...
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Legend of the Samurai
Updated! 29 July 2003
God's Law according to Laura Schlessinger
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