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Searching Christianity

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Searching Christianity

The history of Christ Jesus has been marred by Christians, and non-Christians alike. For that reason I have ventured out independently to search for the truth and have done so successfully. Now, I am able to avoid much of the deception that is set before me and in so doing, help others to live a true Christian life.

Light of Innocence - Synopsis

I am a realist, who believes Jesus is and will always be the king of a faithful Israel. This book that I have written demonstrates Jesus expectations of his believers. From experience, I have discovered that many who love Jesus lacks understanding of his Word. There are many houses of prayer and millions of books written on him but only a few, if any have managed to solve certain mysteries that are written in his Word. Uncovering the mysteries was worth a birth in the Christian community and that I have done. I am innovative and have confronted the Christian community in layman terms. The title of this book is The Light of Innocence. It has nineteen chapters, and is divided into three sections: Part one deal with the reality of Christian living; first, I educated myself according to the topics that I have chosen. Part two I dug deeper for answers that have puzzled the minds of Christians for many years and part three are a few articles.

I have been a member of different churches for many years and have realized the need for my work in the Christian community. This is a community that will never become saturated. Observing that believers are not pleased with the current progress that churches may have made, I focused on their misconceptions. Resolving the issues created resistance from within the Christian community. The Light of Innocence has some of the resolved issues. It shows my work peculiar and my prerequisite is different from the standard but if I were to match the standard, how then would I be unique. The answers for many questions with reference to the Holy Bible (King James Version) are written in this book. It was written to edify God children and that I have done by simplifying the verses that pertain to my writing. All who desire to learn more about Jesus may read this book; it is my hope that they will own and use it as reference to discuss the Son of God. Below is an outline of the chapters.

The Temple of Abraham summarizes how Israel as a nation became one with Christ. It speaks of Abraham’s faith, the significant role it played to separate the children of God from the Gentiles and the significance of finding the Son of God before judgment day.

Growing Spiritually is based on the confidence and boldness of David in expressing God’s love. Realizing that it is only the spirit that grows in a relationship with Christ Jesus, my goal was to understand spiritual growth so that I would be able to strengthen my relationship with him.

After the hard work of growing spiritually, Sustaining Spiritual Growth & Keeping Our Faith deals with the things that may once again lead us to unrighteousness. At this stage we begin to understand the Word of God, which is the proof that we have grown in faith. What is our next challenge and how to sustain what we have accomplished is the main focus.

Why Christianity, gives an understanding of the reason we should choose the way of Christ Jesus. Job is used to illustrate that God is in control. How the Holy Spirit protect us and proof that God intention is the same as when he had created heaven and earth is depicted.

From Life to Life, Yahweh’s Desire

To realize that life was meant eternal then the life that leads to such a life is precious and should be treated that way; it is Yahweh’s desire but there are several sacrifices to obtain such a life. This chapter reminds us of these sacrifices.

New Tabernacle

Show’s that Jesus is in charge of his church. Peter and Paul were significant in establishing Christ church in and outside the walls of Jerusalem. How they strived for the same goal and the role of the entire member in Christ church today.

The Christian culture is based on faith; Faith, The Christian Culture is made with three ingredients prayer, love, and mercy. How these three ingredients identify us as children of God is portrayed in this chapter.

The New Beginners

We must convert as little children before entering into the Kingdom of God. Granted, little children are innocent and so are the new beginners in Christ. The process of becoming a new beginner and the expectation after being born again is depicted in this chapter. Also, some light is shed on communion with Christ Jesus.

The idea behind God Word Stand Alone is that his Word does not require proof. God Word is present at all times, and cannot be compared with any other. What prompted this chapter were the “want to be” mediators for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The World that is Set before US is the reality of Christian living. Though we may have been baptised, the sinful world still exists. This chapter helps us to notice that our task after we have entered into the Kingdom of God is the same. Whatever system that the world creates, Christians are not exempt from it; we are expected to attend school, raise a family, and multiply for the building of our family, and at the same time uphold the Word of God.

I am the testimony in A Testimony of Salvation. My newest discovery begins in this chapter; should death be a burden for true Christians? What is the first resurrection, and who is included? What was God testimony in the Old Testament? The seven situations we must conquer to have a relationship with Jesus.

Beyond baptism is written from the baptisms that John performed. Jesus was his greatest achievement but if Jesus had not sinned, why did he baptise him? When do we baptise and how does baptism protect us? How did Jesus establish the foundation of his church? All these questions and more are discussed in this chapter.

The New House of Israel (Book 2)

With reference to Jacob, his twelve sons made up the old house of Israel, but due to their disobedience Jacob was held accountable until Shiloh. Is there a new house? If there is a new house then Shiloh must have come and after his resurrection where outside the walls of Jerusalem did he begin to build his church? Mary and John are depicted to write the new ark of God.

A Second Victory shows that Christian living is not vain and that there is life after death. In this chapter the seven seals are concluded as the intentions of the evil one. Such intentions are not protected anymore. Who did Jesus leave to protect us and what are his laws is highlighted.

Many are bewildered at the mention of the mark of the beast but God’s will for His People has simplified the meaning of it. The proof that only God know his saints and the responsibility of a true prophet is brought to light.

Preparing for the Kingdoms of Heaven explains how we prepare our spirit. Jesus gave us the answers in the book of Matthew, which has been overlooked by many. How many Kingdoms from heaven do we have here, and who is in charge of each is pointed out. Also depicted in detail is the prayer of “Our Father”.

The Restoration of Israel talks of a new Israel. It gives the reason God never restored the old Israel and why he never will? Questions are answered such as what is the New Jerusalem, who are the kings of the east, why must we have a new heart of flesh? Stated is God Testament of his ark of the new covenant he has with us today.

The Hidden Truth, reveal those that are included in the new nation of Israel. This chapter reveals the true birth of John, the Baptist and Christ Jesus, the destructive force of Gog, and Magog, the name of the seven mountains on which the woman sat in Revelation seventeen, the new heaven and earth and much more.

This book is written to facilitate struggling Christians in their understanding of the Word of God.

Searching Christianity

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This book has been written to Raise Christian awareness. It begins to solve the mystery that is written in the Word of God. The mystery that has been written will prove Jesus is God only Son and this book

The Light of Innocence,

begins the process of proving it.

Author: Carl Marshall
Format: 6.14 X 9.21
Pages: 144
Max Price: $15.95
ISBN: 9781432748166

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Raising Christian Awareness