Come Into My Lair
Said The Spider To The Fly
Moon Song: I'll be your host while you are visiting my wonderful Web Page all about my favorite Manga, Sailor Moon.  Right now there's not much to do. But feel free to explore. More things will be coming. (blabs on about nothing)

Irish Rose: Psst, her introductions can last a life time. Sneek away while you still can.

Moon Song: I heard that Irish Rose and you'll pay for it! I do not talk on! I know when to stop and I have better manners then to inturupt people when they're trying to make a point blah blah blah.....

Sliver Rain: A word of warning, she does this all the time. In fact we're setting up a page where she can talk non-stop. So hopefully she doesn't bore anymore people to death.

Moon Song: I did
not bore him to death! He went comatose! And it wasn't my fault!

Irish Rose: (cough) B.S. (cough)

(Arguing in background)

Silver Rain: While they're hashing it out, explore. We'll try to make sure she doesn't talk too much.
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