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     Kombucha tea and Water Kefir has arrive in USA ! Let spread the good news and rejoice about the health benefits. You can improve your immunity system, digestive system and use the kombucha for cleaining your home with the after effects. 

   Kombucha take about 7-10 days to make.  It not that hard to make. it has so many benefits for your whole body system. You will watch the benfits of your body relish it benefits from better digestive system, immunity system improving and brain fog  leaving alittle bit at a time. You seeyour skim improve and your eyes are not congestioned as much and allergies are just going subside a benefit. I  can't  make any promises that it will cure all but it will help improve your system. It good for yeast in our bodies. Women you know what I talking about . Our bodies goes through some many changes. It gift to have this to improve that balance we have in our bodies. If you are amazed at waht kombucha wait to understand the  Water grain kefir does as well.

  Water Kefir has yeast and bacteria natural strains that help the body build up the immune system. it can be use as a natural carbonated drink from nature you need sugar , grains, speinf or non cholrine water, stterile jar and plastic strainer and you are off to making your first batch of Kefir. It can be use to cleaned with if let to sit to long. It usually take about 24-48 hours to  start to finish. It you accidently let it sit too long what you can do is if more acidic is use to clean with.  See the wonderful benefits of using these grains  and teas.

   To buy Kombucha or water kefir it is only 25.00 per kit: you get sugar, jar, instructions and where they came from.  you can contact me with any questions. contact me holdingcandy@yahoo.com Write want Kombucha or water kefir. I will respond. Please leave information where you want to shipped to I take pay pal.  Chefcesily @ Phoenix metro Valley area. Will ship only USA.



 Oils with healing effect

  There are some oils  that can help with the colds and make your body do function way nature intend and turn onit  the natural healing abilities. You can  heal by smelling, tasting hearing, movement and mind.  You have  many avenues to turn to heal your bodies. You have  more knewn alternative health practices  with holistic practioners  that  have been turning on your own healing properties  for many centuries from the East that are here no in the West. 

 Check out some  holisitc practioners:

  I can help you with some them to help if you want to heal with Kombucha, Water kefir grains , Oil with healing properties, Reki, Aromatherpahy, Holisitc counseling for  ( depression, prosperity  and self esteem), detoxicification and eatting a new lifestyle(vegan gluten-free, macrobotic , Raw vegan and many more).  I sometime use the oils in the food to more healing properties .

Recipe for De-stress Holiday Or Relxation 

  Relaxation is what we all need this season Get some lavender, chammoile and  orange oils and put them in your bath and sprinkle on your pillowcase. You want real essentia oils not half fractioned oils to use.  I sell them you can contact me @  http://www.mydoterra.com/cesilydeangelo/. I hold classes on this and more.


Nonna knew what she was talking about when she say take a walk through a field of lavender. It relaxes the body. 

Come and  Rejoice your body has a voice!

 Side note: Cinnamon is mood enhancer: It its warm and settling. It make you feel comfortable. So if you want to change a mood a some cinnamon oil to warm diffuser or pot on the stove. It great if you are trying to sell an house you have cinnamon in the kitchen and make the potential buyer visonizing themselves in the house. So that just some tips to wet you appetite. 

If you would like to acquire my services: four -eight-zero-two-three-two-nine-nine-three -zero and write to Holdingcandy@yahoo.com please type in the services you wish to recieve in subtitle.  I am in Arizona Phoenix Valley area


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