cigidolls - Hand made porcelain dolls by Cheryl  Girard
These dolls are hand made from start to finish in a private doll making studio in New England by an award winning doll artisan and porcelain doll making instructor. Every detail is done with love from pouring liquid porcelain slip into molds, cleaning and firing the greenware, painting many layers for a realistic look, inserting eyes and eye lashes, attaching porcelain parts to cloth bodies, inserting armatures to make bodies posable, applying the wig and making the doll clothes. No two dolls are ever made the same.
Dolls can be ordered through my email
Payments can be made by check or money order. Dolls will be shipped after the check has cleared.
Molly - 14 inch doll - $99.00
Emily - 14 inch doll with brown hair braided criss cross up on top of her head and brown eyes. She is wearing a light blue striped print dress with white lace trim. Her white collar has a blue ribbon and white lace. She wears white mary jane shoes. $99.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling. Continental U.S. only
Molly - 14 inch doll. Molly is dressed as little red riding hood. She has blonde waist length braids and violet eyes.  She wears a red floral print dress trimmed in white lace and bows. Over her dress, she wears a red hooded cape. White, slip, tights and shoes complete the outfit. Molly has won a first place ribbon in a local doll show and a second place ribbon in the Dianna Effner Doll Making Challenge.  She sells for $99.00 and $10.00 shipping and handling. Continental U.S. only.
Tom Sawyer - 14 inch doll - $99.00
Chyna - $99.00
Tom Sawyer - 14 inch doll. Tom has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a blue and white stripe shirt and jean overalls with one leg rolled up. He is barefoot which exposes the beautiful painting of his feet. He wears a straw hat and can easily be displayed with a paint brush or fishing pole (however you'd like to display him). Tom sells for $99.00 plus $10.00 S & H continental U.S. only
Chyna - 14 inches if standing. Chyna is positioned sitting to the side. She has very long straight black hair and brown eyes. She wears a red silk long tunic with shorts underneath. The tunic is embroidered with flowers and leaves. She sells for $99.00 and $10.00 S & H. Continental U.S. only
David and Lisa. David is 22 inches tall with blond hair and gray eyes. He's wearing a colorful sweater and matching hat and blue jeans. White shoes top off the outfit.  Lisa is his 17 inch little sister. She has a red knit sweater and hat, marroon shirt, white knit stockings that go up to her marroon bloomers. She is wearing black shoes. She has blond hair and gray eyes with a little violet accent. David sells for $99.00 and Lisa sells for $89.00. plus $10.00 S & H each doll.  These dolls are porcelain head and hands and the rest is a cloth body.
Cinderella stands 18 inches tall. She has beautiful curly blonde hair pulled up with a beaded accent piece around it. She wears a light blue and pink pastel gown with pink lace on the sleeve tops and front bodice. Pink pearls trim the front bodice also. Cinderella, of course, has glass (clear plastic) slippers. She has a white slip, pantaloons and a pearl choker. She sells for $175.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling. Continental U.S. only
fantasy doll - $175.00
This pretty fairy or angel is 18 inches tall if standing. Here she is positioned sitting with her legs off to the side. She has blonde curly hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a mauve silk type dress with cream lace accents. She wears cream colored slippers and a floral wreath in her hair. Her white wings are detachable. She sells for $150.00 plus $10.00 S&H continental U.S.only
This fantasy doll stands 24 inches tall. She has auburn hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a shimmering blue and silver floor length gown with violet accents. There is also a bussle on the back. She has a pastel feathered head piece and she carries a white mask with painted details. Her face, arms and legs also have hand painted floral details. She has blue painted high heel shoes. This doll won a first place ribbon at the Bell Competition in Florida. She sells for $175.00 plus $10.00 S&H continental U.S. only
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