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Hi. Welcome to my page.  My page is dedicated to family and genealogy.  I will have some of my immediate "Miller" family genealogy here.  However to find more complete "Miller Genealogy" on the Miller side,  you can visit  my Rootsweb genealogy site.  I will have a link to it on this page.

I am researching the
"Baker Genealogy" My father was Calloway Baker, born July 23, 1889 in Clay County, Kentucky.  Son of George "Baldy" Baker and Charlotte "Lottie" Sawyers. Descendants of Andrew "Andy" Baker born in 1604 in Buckinghamshire, England.  I will have a link on this page to my Baker genealogy:  Family Tree Maker Home Page & Rootsweb Genealogy site..

I am also researching the
"Brown Genalogy" My mother was Mattie Mae Brown, born May 5, 1915 in Seneca, South Carolina.  Daughter of George Brown and Grace Perry.  All the Brown family information I have will be listed on the four following Brown Family pages.
If you can add to it, please notify me.  Thank You
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My Miller Family
Brown Family
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Brown Family
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Brown Family
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Brown Family
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Baker Family
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