Ah, fan fiction. Nothing like living on the wild side of copyright. So, what is this? Just a small archive for my West Wing fanfic. Most of the stories are centered around Leo, Jed or Abbey, although the entire ensemble and several minor characters are here too. I've added some humor and nods to the First Amendement for good measure; everything is clean (PG-13 or lower).

I'm certainly not the only writer in the fandom, nor the most prolific; if you want to read more, I've provided some links and recommendations after my stories to help get you started. Thanks for stopping by. -bj

Newest story added: Friday, June 1, 2002.

The Price
-Right and good come at a cost.

Broken Hearted
-Abbey can't fix everything.

But By the Grace of God
-Leo takes a familiar path.

-"I exchange a horrified look with the Times reporter to my left and write down the quote."

-Love and parts of speech.

Election Day
-"Jed's too idealistic to be president. He's also disorganized and nerdy."

Et Tu, Brute?
-Judas, Brutus, Lancelot, McGarry

Friend of the Father
-Because that's what people do for sons of their old friends

Late Night
-Late night talk on the Bartlet White House

Not Much Trouble
-General craziness; Toby colors, Josh banters, CJ does The Jackal

Only a Friend Can Say
-Forty year friendships collect words.

-Season one ended badly.

Seven Days
-The home stretch on a close election

The First
-Congress shall make no law . . .abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

The Road Behind
-A friendship in the past influences the future.

-Leo holds on through a long night.

-We suffered through the summer that wouldn't end, so they should too.

Waiting for Understanding
-Those who love Delores the most wait to see her.

Why Do They Come?
-One reporter's take on a very bad day.

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