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Updated Aug 29, 2006.
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"America's only Blondie fan magazine ... with international circulation. It's nonprofit,  unofficial and written by the fans ... all for charity." --A radio interview with Bob Betts and Dusty Street, noted American rock DJ and authority on punk, and new wave for 25 years.
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"The World's Premier Blondie Fan Magazine"
Left: Issue No. 23.   Center:  Deb, backstage, reading  TBR at Spirit in NYC. 
Right: Deborah, Chris with
TBR at J&R, NYC.  Photos property of John Sibby.
With over a total of 1700 pages of news, features, history and photos, TBR is, by far, the largest publication ever writen about Deborah Harry and Blondie...ever!
4 big color pages!   Ready to ship in mid-Dec.   Our 7th Anniv.  issue No. 25.
"No. 1 in International Circulation"
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It's the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame! Congrats to Blondie!
TBR is printed in LARGE magazine format, with normal sized type for easy, relaxed reading
and extra big, detailed photos. Each issue averages 52 pages with at least 4 pages in full color.
IMPORTANT NEWS: As you may know, we always donate the proceeds of TBR to some charity ... usually one that Debbie has already volunteered her services for. Most reciently it has been CBGB's ongoing saga. Last issue was for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and SOS Children, because Deb had done some special work for them this year. Before that it was AIDS Research and the Humane Society which are known to be favorites of hers. Also, we did an issue for the Tsunami Relief Fund and before that the 9-11 Fund. This issue will be for the Red Cross Special Fund for Hurricane Katrina Victims and for the American Humane Org. You don't have to be a subscriber to help out the people, and their pets, of this terrible tragedy. I urge all of us fans to offer some help, in the tradition of, and examples made by, Deb and Blondie. Thank you, Bob Betts (COPY AND PASTE THIS URL) www.americanhumane.org
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In the 7 years we have been publishing TBR, we have had the opportunity, and privilage, of interviewing many of Blondie's and Deb's friends.
Here are just a few of those exclusive interviews:
Cathay Che, Romy Ashby, Chi Chi Valenti, Rob Roth, Roberta Bayley, Tish and Snooky, Chris Stein, and Chris' wife Barbara, but we are not finished.
There are some real exciting future interviews scheduled!
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NEW, NEW, NEW We have our own Domain, and are presently moving in.
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But come back here too, there's still a big bunch of Deb and Blondie stuff we're gonna leave right here!   ...and, TBR is going to "E-Book" format soon. Excited? Us too! CLICK the link above, it's all there.
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