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It's a hockey night in Southwest Florida...

A Taxing Time
I was ready to scream by the end of the day at work today as one of my more difficult clients wasn't please with the taxes she owed.  Happily, I could quote IRS code sections to her, which I think confuses the "norms".  I've always wondered if I said "Well, IRS section blah-blah-blah says" and just made some stuff up, if it would be as impressive to them.  I guess I wonder why you would take your tax return to an accountant to have it done if you're going to argue with the results afterward.   And no, I'm sorry, I can't get everyone out of paying taxes.  Maybe if she's really unhappy she'll go somewhere else next year?

Of course, on the other hand, I finished off another set of returns -- two S-Corps and the related 1040 -- and called Jane, the indepentant bookkeeper who'd brought the client into us in the first place and I said "$8,000 refund."  She starts screaming "Wooo Hoooo I'm getting a bonus!"  I guess she'd told them we'd take care of them. 

Now...I have three or four clients that all want to be next.  However, if you dropped your tax stuff off on Friday, I can't believe you'd think anyone was going to have it done by the following Monday.  (These are big, messy corporate returns, not the spit them out in 45 minute returns that H&R Block gets in.) 

I think I'm doing the small stack of tangibles I have to get out, and then I'll see about clearing off some on the work in progress on the desk before I tackle something new.

I so want to go to the game on Saturday, but I doubt I can get in there early enough to get my required four hours in so I could make the noon start.  I guess if I got there at 7 am....

2006-03-16 00:19:58 GMT
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