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It's a hockey night in Southwest Florida...

Lord of the Flies

So I come home Saturday, and I guess the first hint I had that something was well…weird…was that there was big old blowfly trapped in the door between the glass and the screen.  This was kind of odd, but I really didn’t think anything of it because I get flies in the house from time to time.  But I get in the apartment and I’m starting to settle down and I notice like twelve of them, up on my ceiling, hanging out.  I’m like “what the….who called a blowfly convention in my house”.  So I went and got the bug spray and started killing.  It doesn’t kill them right away, they have to buzz around for little bit before gravity takes over.  But I’m spraying and spraying and spraying….

I must have killed two dozen in the first wave of death which lasted until about six.  But they were still coming.  The thing is…I don’t know where they are coming in at.  I’ve looked all over.  Nor can I figure out WHY they are all coming in the house.  I mean usually when you have flies (and especially that many) there’s something attracting them.  And there’s nothing they seem really interested by in the apartment except the ceiling lights. 

By the time I went to bed on Saturday night I’d slaughtered a good three dozen.  I’d say the current death toll is well over fifty.  There were half a dozen in the house this morning when I left for work. Some of them will die during the course of the day when they land on surfaces have already been coated by bug spray.  I am hoping that more will NOT creatively access the apartment, because I’m really tired of the aerial activity already.

Besides, with the cold weather, you’d think they’d want to go someplace warm, like equatorial South America.

2006-02-13 15:12:55 GMT
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