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It's a hockey night in Southwest Florida...

10 Seasons and Counting

Cully and Hughy

Everblades team photographer Al Larson had stopped me toward the end of the Miracle season with a question. "Do you have any pictures from the first couple of (Everblades) seasons?"

"No," I said, but then I amended my response. "Yes, I have prints, I don't have the negatives." Negatives seem to lose value when you don't have a roof over your head and eventually, in Florida, you're going to have some hurricane casualties once in a while.

"Prints work," he said. "Prints would be great!"

So I dug out the green photo album, which is comprised largely of the first and second season photos and brought it in for him.

With the Blades celebrating their 10th Anniversary Season, they are putting together a program and they wanted some shots of some of the older players to include.

Vince was the team photographer for the first season and Ed for the next two and given all the "He said, they said" stuff that went on back then, it's not surprising that no one either knows where they've gone to, or that the team doesn't want to deal with them.

I seem to recall a whole argument where the team said the photos weren't of the quality they wanted for the calendars, while the photog in question said he gave them proof prints and they never got back to him on what they wanted for the finals. In any case...

He brought the album back during the last doubleheader where we were playing the Threshers. He said they used like 7 or 10 shots in the program, that I'd be given credit and that he'd get me several copies of the program once it was completed.

"That was FUN," he enthused. "There's guys in there that I'd only heard about!"

Yeah, there were some fun guys that first couple of season. Hugh Hamilton, who I still miss is one, Tim Ferguson, Eric Bolton, K-Mac, Prokie....I have no idea which shots they used, but yes, those were some fun times.

Reggie Berg and Tom Buckley didn't show up until the second season when we also had Eric Rud as our captain, Matt Demarski, Joe Cardarelli, Ty Jones and Terry Lindgren, Harlan Pratt, Brent Cullaton and several other fan favorites.

Buckley and Burg have hung around the longest, so perhaps it's no surprise that their jerseys are being retired to the rafters on opening night. For a long time they were the Everblades franchise.

Although I'm wondering, given all of the bad blood that went on between Buckley and the team when he wasn't invited back in 2005...

"Retiring a jersey is the greatest honor you can bestow upon a player. When they take my jersey to the rafters, chills will go up my spine like they never have before," Buckley is quoted as saying in the News Press.

Perhaps that makes up for your hurt feelings a little bit Bucks?

Individual game tickets went on sale today, and I am kind of looking forward to the 10th anniversary season.

Things I really wish I had though...the boxscores from the 1st season plus any of the other dozen or so that I'm missing from past seasons, and a media guide from 2004. That would have been a nice repayment for letting them use my pictures. I know, be happy with credit.

I do need to sit down and rework my photos albums though. The Green on isn't so bad, but the ones going forward a real mess.

2007-09-10 16:51:52 GMT
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