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It's a hockey night in Southwest Florida...

Teaching old dogs new tricks

So, we're going to this paperless system at work.  I used one about two years ago.  You still USE paper, but it cuts down on the amount of paper and storage room space by putting all the files on the server as .pdf files.  Both Joan and Dolores hate it.

Dolores keeps saying it's extra work.  I explain that is not extra work.  "Yes it is because you have to copy this stuff before you scan it in."  I explain that no, you only have to copy the odd sized items, not everything, like we used to do.  And you don't have to mount it in the file and tag it like you would otherwise.  So instead of a folder that ends up being several inches thick, all of the source documents are now stored on the server and you just bring them up when you need them.  "It takes two at a time when I scan them!"  So I sit down and show her to how to solve the issue.  "It's double work having to do all of that." 

Actually, it cuts my time down from half an hour to about ten minutes.  I was very impressed by how quickly I could gallop through returns on Saturday.

I can just image when dishwashing machines came out.  My goodness, you had to rinse out the plates and pots and pans before you loaded them into the machine and then you had to unload the machine.  That must have been extra work to her back in those days.  Now she probably can't live without one.  Microwaves – well you remember, the food just doesn't taste as good once it's been microwaved.  But I can bet both Joan and Dolores have both of these "new fangled" inventions in their respective houses.

Joan is even worse because she's so nitpicky about things.  And I hate nitpicky.  She missed the training course and in showing her how to use the system she has to go off on the smallest little problem.  Like naming the files.  "Well why are you calling it that? Why do you have to put the client's name in the file name?"  In case the file gets lost, so you can find it again.  "It's not going to get lost if you save it to the right place."  I explained it was something that was brought up at the training session, and that Marc set up the naming protocols.  "I don't care, it's a stupid way to do it."  ::sigh::

In retrospect, it's a good thing she didn't go to the training seminar; we'd all still be sitting there while she and Marc duked it out over file names.

Today she comes into my office with a return I'd done on the paperless system and given to Tom to review.  It was one of her old clients and she'd come to ask Tom about it, so he gave it to her to look at out of courtesy.  "There's no files on this, where are all the files on this."  In the system.  I point out the note that the files and been scanned and the name duly recorded so she could pull it up.  "He has Lacerte down and I can't get into the system."  I explained that I don't think what Marc was working on with Lacerte impacted the document retrieval system.  "Well, I think it does!"  Not that she tried it.  I suggested she try it.  "I missed the training class and I'm not doing it that way!  Why do we have to do it that way?"  Because Tom wants it done that way.  In fact, he was a little miffed because I was training Mindy but was still using the old system. 

"When are you going to show her paperless?" 

On step at a time, she's got to learn to trot in circles before I can saddle her up with work, let alone start teaching her airs above the ground.  Sheesh. 

Anyway, I think the weekend was pretty productive.  I did kick out Hickory Island today, but I had a problem with Lacerte on Saturday, so Marc had the system down for about five hours while he was fixing it.  And then I find out I can't scan (although retrieval still worked) because of a database problem (which will be fixed tonight).

But it's going to be a long tax season if I have to keep listening to the old bitches club barking every day.

Meanwhile, I have a cold from all the wet weather this weekend, so think I'm going to take myself off to bed now.

2006-02-06 22:48:06 GMT
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