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It's a hockey night in Southwest Florida...

Superbowl XL
So my mother asked me yesterday (while I was trying to watch a hockey game) if I was going to watch "The Big Game" Tomorrow.  You know, I don't call her in the middle of American Idol, I don't know why she can't get it through her head not call me when hockey is on.

In any case, I told her it was a dog game.  That I didn't care about either of the teams that are in it.  "I'm cheering for the Steelers," she tells me.

I'm glad I was drinking anything at the time or I would have choked.  I said "WHAT?" 

"We're all cheering for the Steelers." 

"They're your biggest rivals!" 

"But they're local and we're all cheering for them."

If I had a Number One Browns fan club card, which I don't, I'd have to return it just because I'm related to these two-faced people. 

Panthers fans do NOT cheer for the Lightning in the Stanley Cup.  Red Sox fans do NOT cheer for the Yankees in the world series.  Dolphin fans would NEVER, EVER cheer for the Jets in the Superbowl.  The Bucs we're kind of ambivilant about because we don't play them enough to hate them.

But for BROWNS fans to be cheering for the STEELERS?????  It's a horrifying thought.  Cheering for your biggest rival.  I can't...I can't...I gotta take the Seahawks now, just because these...these...these...PEOPLE are so idiotic!

I've lived in Florida long enough to have given up any and all pretense of being a Browns fan. But the fact that I was, once upon a time a Browns fan makes it unthinkable for me to pull for the Steelers in the Stupidbowl.  Superchickens all the way!  Let's go Seattle.

I'm still not watching the big game today.  Like I said before, I could really care less.


We had really crappy weather on Friday and Saturday, so I guess it was no surprise that I was the only one who showed up at the office on Saturday morning.  This suited me just fine as I wanted to kick out some of the 1040s that were sitting there.  Tom argues that they are not a big priority, we need to the get the Corporate returns done first, but I figure if you bring your stuff in early, you should get your return done in a fairly timely matter.

I finished up three, have one that I'm waiting on K-1's for and have one where I have to clarify their pension information before I can finalize it.  And one which I could not open the file on and so I e-mailed the computer weiny on it.  That's all I could do.  The other two that are sitting there are mixed 1040/corporate "projects" which I might start on this week. 


I joined NHL this week and have been having fun talking hockey there.  Please join us when you get a chance!

2006-02-05 22:38:53 GMT
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