A Piscean Pond Welcome to my websanctuary. My online pseudonym is bimaris. I live in Roanoke, Virginia. Please look around and write any comments or suggestions you may have in the guestbook at the bottom of the page or just say hello!

Ariel's lovely smile

My Favourite Poetry--a variety of poets The Journey--the spiritual kind
Original Poetry & Fiction--not online because of publication requirements Translating the Goddess--how to say "Goddess" in many tongues
A Piscean Book Selection--fiction and non-fiction, each with contents Meret's Sacred Library--rituals, poetry, chants, incovations, and general information concerning Isis
Moll Flanders in the New Millenium--extensive bibliography plus new creative works based around her story Temple of the Eternal Cat--adoration and analysis of all things feline
Disney Heroines Roundtable Discussion The Shrine of the Sailor Goddesses--adoration and analysis of all things SM
Photo Collection--not very extensive yet (I'm not great at the whole scanner thing) My Totem Animals
Music I Like My Personality Quiz Results
Friendly Folk--friends of mine who have homes on the web Mermaids Exist--about me
Web Rings My Online Journal
Worthy Links

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Last updated: February 16th, 2006
All original material and text is Copyrighted 1997-2006 to me, bimaris,
including the name WinterVeil! All rights reserved.


My Favourite Poetry Original Poetry & Fiction Friendly Folk
The Journey Translating the Goddess Meret's Sacred Library
Photo Collection The Shrine of the Sailor Goddesses Temple of the Eternal Cat
Music I Like Disney Heroines Roundtable Discussion Moll Flanders in the New Millenium
Mermaids Exist Worthy Links Webrings
A Piscean Book Collection My Personality Quiz Results My Totem Animals

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