AX1G:You Are In Control
The AX1G feature an expression pedal that lets the guitarist/bassist use his foot for direct
control of the sound. The pedal can control many effects ranging from crisp cutting wah work
to expressive volume swells. Use it to manipulate various parameters of bending effects to
change the pitch, delay or tremolo effects, or to control the sample and play function.
By pressing the pedal all the way down, you can switch on or off the effect assigned to the

Sample and Play
The sample and play function of the AX1G lets you record and play back a phrase or solo part
while you continue to play. The recorded sound can be played back as is or modified using the
expression pedal to create effects that have never been heard before. For one-shot playback or
forward/reverse playback, you can switch the sound mode between hi-fi/lo-fi, and for loop
playback you can specify the length of the loop. Since you can continue layering your
guitar/bass lines while the loop plays back, a vast number of possibilities open up.
For example, you can practice along or play a solo over a backing part which you have looped.

Effects with Attention
A total of 69 types of high-quality effects, including wah, delay, ring modulator, flanger,
pitch shifter, three-band equalizer, cabinet resonator, and expression pedal are provided.

The total of 71 types of high-quality effects includes a dynamic exciter unique to ToneWorks,
that lets the exciter depth be controlled by your playing touch, an octave effect which adds
an ultra-low note, five-band equalizer, cabinet resonator, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb and
expression pedal. And up to seven types can be used simultaneously.

Extra Features
The AX1G contain automatic tuners (detection range A0-C7/27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz) which operate
automatically when the effect is bypassed or muted. An LCD with alphanumeric and iconic
display makes effect editing easy. The program is also indicated by name, numerically and by
a three-color LED, for superb visibility even on a dimly lit stage.

The compact body is highly portable, and can be used with batteries for even more mobility.
Four AA alkaline batteries provide fourteen hours of continuous use.

AX1G Toneworks Guitar Hyperformance Processor

AX1G = 69 effects

Simultaneous Effects:
Up to 7 At A Time

30 Users

Input Connections:
Guitar Input

Input Impedance:
940kohm (INPUT SW=L), 470kohm (INPUT SW=H)

Output Connections:
Line/Headphone Output

Output Level:
2.6dBu (into 10kohm, 12mW + 12mW (into 32ohm)

Auto Chromatic Tuner [Measurement Range 27.5Hz to 2,093Hz (A0 to C7), Calib.A=438-445Hz]

Metronome Tempo:
40 - 208 (insert a quarter note before =.)

1 x Custom 112 segment LCD, 1 x 7 segment LED, 1 x two colors LED, 2 x LED

4 x AA size (LR6) alkaline batteries, providing 14 hours of continuous operation (sold separately, or separately sold AC adapter)

212(W) x 190(D) x 59(H)mm / 8.35" (w) x 7.48" (D) x 2.32" (H)

720g / 1.59 lbs. (excluding batteries) [F.S.=digital full-scale level] [0dBu=0.775Vrms]

9V AC Adapter




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