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Dying Young [VHS]

Dying Young [VHS]
Directed by Joel Schumacher

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #125009 in VHS
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Format: PAL
  • Original language: English
  • Running time: 111 minutes

Customer Reviews

Heart-breaking Melodrama4
What got me into this movie was actually the theme "I'll Never Leave You" written by Kenny G and James Newton Howard. The beautiful yet melancholy melody delineates a heart-breaking story about a wealthy young lukemia patient, Victor's (Campbell Scott) final stage of life with a surrogate nurse Hillary (Julia Roberts).

Recognized of his soon demise, Victor makes the most out of limited lifetime through teaching art and making himself happy. Woven with nurse Hillary, Victor realizes being strong and living life to the full is what really matters. The movie is filled with touching life struggle battling the disease, and also bittersweet conversations among the tormented couple.

Scenes and music are both incredible and well-matched. It will touch your soul and prompt you re-evaluate your own life.

Dying Young5
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It is one to watch over and over again. If you are in the mood to laugh and cry at the same time, this is the movie for you.

An Absolutely Beautiful Love Story!5
"Dying Young" is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen on film! The story centers around a woman (Julia Roberts) who is hired to take care of a cancer patient (Campbell Scott). When they first meet, they don't have the greatest respect for each other. Through time they both teach each other incredible things and eventually fall in love. What makes this movie so heart-breaking is Campbell Scott's refusal to continue his cancer treatment towards the end of the movie. I won't tell you what happens at the end, but believe me, you'll need plenty of kleenex - remember, crying doesn't necessarily mean a bad ending. :)

I would highly recommend this film. The characters are great, the casting is wonderful, especially the incomparable Colleen Dewhurst (Campbell Scott's real mother), and the film leaves you with a true feeling of hope and that all things are possible. Watch this film, you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!