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Creepshow 2 [VHS]

Creepshow 2 [VHS]
From Starz / Anchor Bay

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16366 in VHS
  • Released on: 1997-09-10
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Color, Special Edition, NTSC
  • Running time: 96 minutes

Editorial Reviews
What is it about hitchhikers that makes them such a sure-fire bet for horror? This question is addressed in the final segment of Creepshow 2, another Stephen King-George Romero collaboration. "The Hitchhiker" is the simplest and best of the three tales on display here, with Lois Chiles as a cheating wife who just can't seem to get rid of a hitchhiker... no matter how hard she tries. The collection gets off to a slow start with "Old Chief Wood'n Head," a sleepy story of Native American justice. "The Raft" is a passable teens-in-peril number, but it worked better on the page than on screen. Romero adapted the King stories but emphatically did not direct, which accounts for the drop-off from the kicky fun of the first Creepshow. King appears as a dimwitted truck driver--a foreshadowing of Maximum Overdrive? In any case, this one's for diehard fans only. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews

should be in your collection, if you call yourself an 80's horror movie fan...4
Creepshow 2 contains-

1.)three cost effective stories, first is mediocre, but the other two are great.
2.)an EXCELLENT animated wraparound featuring the creep, a weird kid, and his run-in with some bullies. reminds you of late eighties saturday morning cartoons. my favorite part of the movie.
3.)cool/cheesy music.
4.) good acting for such a low budget movie.
5.) great locations. really convincing.
you see a desert town, a mountain lake, and the icy highways of Maine.
6.) good monster effects in the raft sequence and a great mutilated corpse in the hitch hiker.They did really well with such a small budget. the oil slick is scary. don't believe what the detractors say.
1.) this deluxe edition's commentary and bonus documentary are lame. I thought they made this movie look bad but....................Creepshow 2 is a great movie. Recommended.

As good as the first one in a bad way4
Creepshow 2 isn't so glamorous as its predecessor, but in many ways that works in its favor. Gone is the lightshow and comics-inspired camera work. All that is left are 3 nifty Stephen King stories and some serviceable actors to bring them to life (with the exception of George Kennedy who does a wonderful job as a storekeep who is murdered by thugs and avenged by a wooden Indian). The wooden Indian tale that starts this movie comic book probably sums up all the themes that EC comics tried to beat us over the head with: If you are bad, bad things will happen to you. Hence, thugs kill sweet storekeep, wooden Indian gores thugs. They only got what was coming to them. Story Two, "The Raft" is all-out cool. Kids smoke pot and swim to a raft (in an off-limits lake), and blob of gook on lake eats kids one by one until all that is left is the Camaro the kids drove up in. "The Raft" is giddy fun. Genuinely creepy. But wait, there's "The Hitchhiker." Lois Chiles plays an adulteress driving home from a fling when she kills a hitch hiker and then drives off. Of course, hitch hiker won't let her get away with that and so what follows is the scariest and most off beat segment in the movie. I mean, this guy can't be killed, but Lois Chiles certainly gives it all she's got. In the end, though - good triumphs and Lois gets hers. And it's all great fun. Not so flashy as Creepshow one, but this sequel is worthy.

The Raft5
The raft story with the teenagers was so scary it stayed in my mind for years after. I don't know what it was about this one short segment of Creepshow 2, but let me say, it was quick, it was brutal, and it was clever. I feel bad saying it, after all, people work hard and spend a lot of budget money to bring us all these modern scares, but this one simple, frightening, story sticks to your mind.