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BB61 earned 9 battle stars in WW2 and 2 in Korea *

Battleship USS Iowa

Updated 7/07/12

Welcome To Iowa Distinquished Site 2001

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This Lightwave3D computer model of USS Iowa (BB61, above) is an ongoing project. A animation of the model firing her 16" guns is in the works.
Feedback is welcome. More about Lightwave software is available at

The Iowa is now officially a museum! Visit the web site or buy tickets to tour the ship.
Iowa residents showing a valid Iowa State ID get free admission.


||||||Historic Ships Memorial web site

Another ongoing project is the west coast based Mare Island historic naval site to preserve this heroic and noble ship.
Visit Historic Ships Memorial web site for more information on preserving these great ships of war, images, history, links and trivia.

Photos and History

The Big Guns

There have been three battleships and
gunboat (1864) to bear the name

World War II posters (courtesy: National Archives)

Battleships at
The Flag of The United States ofAmerica
Haze Gray & Underway

WWII Poster - U.S. NAvy Online
Official U.S. Navy Web Site U.S. Navy Online


.BB4 (*DANFS), 1893 (pictures) The first Iowa involved in the first American battleship engagement, the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American War (1898).
.Naval Historical Center BB4 site. .More stats and pics. A vivid account of the Iowa's first engagement with excellent links. US Navy history (BB4)

BB53, (*DANFS), 1920; not completed, scrapped.
BB61 (*DANFS), 1940 (pictures)
Federation of American Scientists:BB61 Iowa Class
* Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Iowa Class pages

USS Iowa Veterans Association Lots of pics and links here!
USS Iowa History Iowa's stats and WWII general history.
USS New Jersey official site
USS Missouri official site | USS Missouri tour
USS Wisconsin official site

Iowa Class Graphics

Battleship Iowa Beer a dark ale, previously available for sale to help fund a museum to preserve the Iowa.
Iowa class passing through the Panama Canal. Captured from video tape. Blurry, but gives idea of tight squeeze (WWII config).
USS Iowa after leaving Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Here she passes under the Newport Bridge on her way to her new home.
USS Iowa poster of Korean War configuration (starboard view)
USS Iowa being towed at the Panama Canal {MPEG)
USS Missouri in Bremerton. USS New Jersey in Bremerton.(1998)
USS Missouri at her new home in Pearl Harbor. Foreground is the USS Arizona Memorial.
USS New Jersey images and links to other U.S. warship web pages.
USS New Jersey transiting the Panama Canal, 10/99 (JAVA).

Other Naval Links

A Photo Tribute to David S. Fillman and the USS Pensacola (CA24)
NavSource images of more US warships than you can shake a stick at!
Naval Clipart a JPG with a few cliparts in it. Courtesy of the folks at MicroGrafx. Use 'em on your web page!

USS Des Moines (CA134) - Heavy cruiser built at end of WWII.
Official USS Des Moines web site.

Devastation - First modern warship
HMS Dreadnought - Birth of the first class battleships. 3D model project
Peabody Museum of Maritime Art and History

S.S. Leviathan - WWI warprize to America, she was the largest thing afloat after the war. Monsters of the Sea
Normandie - One of the most graceful and fast luxury liners ever built.
R.M.S. Queen Mary - Sister to the Queen Elizabeth, now a museum in Long Beach CA.
SS United States - America builds her own luxury superliner.
Yahoo! Maritime History:Ships links - Titanic, Normadie, SS United States...they're all here!

USS Iowa Patch - Link to USS Iowa Veterans Assn
WWII Veteran patch
USS Iowa Veterans Assn.


Proud of Our Battleship and Our Country 
State Motto of Iowa




The Movie

Navy Field - Ressurection of the Steel Fleet
Navy Field - Resurrection of the Steel Fleet

The Age of Sail


The History of Naval Warfare | USS Constitution History of the Constitution Battle record

Sailing ships of old | Clipper Sea Witch | Clipper Great Republic | Clipper White Swallow

Cutty Sark | Thermopylae | Fire at sea! | American Sailing Warships | Sailing Navies 1650-1850

Submercibles, submerged torpedo boats and submarines

400 years of submarines

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