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Barefoot Lucy
I'm Barefoot Lucy.  That's not my real name, but I do answer to it.  For real.

Before all you foot fetishists start writing me, that's not what the barefoot thing is about.    It has more to do with a state of mind - how I look at the world.  I long for a simpler way of life, an easier way of doing things.  More time for life's pleasures.  I like to look outside the box for answers.  And I love to go barefooted!

When I was a kid, I lived barefooted.  My mom was lucky if she could get me to church in shoes.  I would head out the door early in the morning and wouldn't resurface at home until I was called or until it got dark.  And I was always barefooted.  When we had to go somewhere, my mom would hang her head out the door and yell "Put your shoes on Lucy, it's time to go!"  She was a Petula Clark fan.  If you're wondering what that has to do anything, check out
Ms. Clark's discography.

Anyway, it isn't about a foot fetish, okay?
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