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El Moreno - Flamenco Singer

El Moreno began studying flamenco dance in New Mexico with 
Rafael Martos during the María Benitez Santa Fe Flamenco Festival.
Soon after, he was introduced to the flamenco cante (singing) by
guitarist Ives Lucero. Under the artistic direction of Ramona 
Garduño, El Moreno began performing as a singer and dancer with group Aire Flamenco in 1998. He studied with many renowned spanish artists such as dancers Joaquin Hidalgo, Joaquin Ruiz, Javier Latorre, Antonio Granjero, Domingo Ortega, Manuel Betanzos, Rafael Campallo and Andres Marín and singers Silverio Heredia, Cristo Cortez, José Anillo and Juan Suarez. In 1999 El Moreno moved to the San Francisco Bay area and has since been performing with many local artists while continuing the dance training with Carola Zertuche and Yaelisa, among others. Since July 2004, Azriel is a member of the Riquezas Flamenco Dance Company.

Other pictures of Azriel can be found HERE.

A live recorded song can be found in:
and click on "Bulerias Live at Timo's"
or dowloaded from : **Bulerias**
Credits: Ben Woods (guitar), Melissa Cruz, Liza Thompson, La Monica (dancers), Azriel El Moreno (cante), Timo's (resturant on Valencia SF, CA)

Azriel, "El Moreno" Contact
PHOTOS BY MARTY SOHL, copyright 2002
Some other young Flamenco Musicians in the Bay Area:
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How to contact "El Moreno":
Azriel, (510) 412-0696

Performances in San Francisco, Berkeley and all the Bay Area, California


Business Card

Some other info about Azriel's origin: El Moreno's Family


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