Pyrrhonism [pírrōnizəm] noun

1. PHILOSOPHY skeptical philosophy of Pyrrho: the doctrine of the ancient Greek philosopher Pyrrho, who believed that it was impossible to be certain about anything and therefore suspended judgment on everything 2. skeptic, disbeliever, agnostic, cynic.

[Late 17th century. Formed from Greek Purrhōn ‘Pyrrho’, (360?-272? BC ), the Greek philosopher who founded philosophical skepticism.]  Pyrrhonist, noun, adjective

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Dear Stranger,

This web site came to be thanks to the efforts of my friends William L Kite of William's World and Nan Sharrer of Poets' Corner .
Without their help, enthusiasm and encouragement I would have shied away from presenting my work to the world.
That they felt it merited a wider audience was gratifying and encouraging.
It is a simple site devoid of pretty pictures and complicated graphics but it is my sincere wish that you will enjoy reading through the various works presented here, including my own efforts.
Feel at home for you are more than welcome.

What is this site all about?


It is about my efforts to re-write the Bible in verse. It is NOT a devotional work and if you are looking for inspiration of a religious nature you will definitely not find it here. It is rather a critical look at Holy Writ as it is presented in the King James Version, highlighting the not-so-inspired utterances of its human authors and combined with a dash of humour and "tongue-in-cheek" commentary on its contents.

Why and how this venture came to be is explained in the My Story link. 

To read the Pyrrhonist Bible click Pyrrhonist Bible Index link and follow the links to the books listed.  

The Who am I? link is self explanatory.

In Selected Poems you will find a selection of my poems as well as poems from various authors.

The Limericks and Epigrams & Epitaphs are fun pages which present the utterances of some well known (or perhaps not) people who lived in ages past. My own utterances can be found in the Pearls of Wisdom section.

In The Mind of W. Kite you will find the poetry and thoughts of a friend that I have not yet met personally as we live an ocean apart.  Our friendship developed over the Internet and is as truthful and rewarding as if we were neighbours and knew each other from way back. Sadly William passed away at the beginning of 2005. Rest in Peace my friend.

e-Books takes you ... to books, what else?

Lastly there is The "Chosen" Ones. This is political material and presents "the other side of the coin" so to speak, material that is not widely publicized by the world media, for its disclosure may bring about an awakening of the general population which is something that The "Chosen" Ones try at all cost to prevent.

Should you come across material in these pages which you consider offensive, or that goes against your most cherished and life-long beliefs, don't e-mail me complaining about it - just stop browsing. It's that simple.  Remember that others may not feel the same way as you do.


The boxes  01 to 20  are links to some of the sites I visit. You will find others as you explore the site. As it can be seen there is no information on the ones below and it is done purposely to surprise you. Feel free to Click away and see where they take you.  

For the less adventurous    for the full list.

Have fun.


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Thank ya all for poppin' in  -- Ya come back real soon now, ya 'ear !

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