A Summer Place Miniatures
-Appaloosas Only-

"Where Conformation Comes First - Color's A Plus!"

Thank you to all who bought horses from me! I will no longer be breeding or showing minis.

Located along the fabulous Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

Pictured above is "T Bar T Braves Cherokee Feather" - 2002 few spot colt by Grosshill Little Mans Running Brave.
Sire of all 2005 foals.


Please help in stopping irresponsible breeding! Foals are cute and everyone wants one, but just because you have a mare and you or your friend might have a stallion it doesn't mean you have to breed! Even registered breeding can be irresponsible. Before you breed, please consider these things: Do both the stallion and mare possess the conformation, looks, attitude, and ability that a potential foal buyer might be looking for? Do you have a buyer(s) lined up or are you willing to give this new life a forever home no matter what circumstances might come up in your life in the future? Is the result of the breeding (the foal) what the market looking for to buy right now? Mares-in-foal and foals are VERY expensive. When you do it right, it costs hundreds of dollars when you add up all the vet bills, worming, shots, and potenial dangers. Are you financially able to cope? There are millions of horses in the world right at this moment, hundreds of thousands going through the auctions every weekend, many to their deaths at slaughter houses or to abusive homes. Is there a possibility your foal might ever see the inside of an auction yard sometime during its life? Will your foal being born and sold kick another horse out of its home and send it to the auction? Do you CARE? Your mare might die giving birth or contract an infection while being bred, have you considered this? There are many other reasons for not breeding. Please DO THE RESEARCH and WEIGH THE ODDS before you breed!!!

There is something to be learned from animals - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Shelah Summers

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