The United States Military Occupation Government of Iraq
A Compilation of Documents & Resources by William A. Courson, FLLA, Executive Director, The Magnus Hirschfeld Center for Human Rights
    Since 1986, the Magnus Hirschfeld Center for Human Rights, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in he United States, has been engaged in  international human rights legal advocacy on behalf of the globe's most vulnerable minority communities: women, children, the disabled, gay and lesbian persons, adherants of minority religious groups, and prisoners, among many others.
     On March 17th, 2003, the United States launched what its government euphemistically termed a "preemptive military strike" against the Republic of Iraq, a maneuver formerly (and rightly) known as a
war of aggression in defiance of both domestic and international law, and in disregard of the opinion of the community of the civilized nations of the world and of many of its own citizens.
     As part of its mandate, the Hirschfeld Center seeks now to act as an advocate for the economic, civil, political and social/cultural rights of the people of occupied Iraq, and in that role to promote and ensure an occupation that conforms with the legal obligations of the occupying power and that aims at nothing apart from the advancement of the Iraqi people and the formation of a civil society in Iraq.
     Given the level of seriousness with which the United States has in the past effectuated its obligations under international law, the outcome of the U.S. occupation in Iraq is both problematic and worrisome.
     I and my colleagues ask that you familiarize yourself with the U.S. occupation of Iraq and all of its attendant issues, and that you make known to your elected officials the fact that - in consequence of U.S. aggression - 
"the whole world is watching." Another U.S. installed puppet regime - another "friendly dictator" of the variety of Somoza, Marcos, the Saudis or Pinochet - will not be tolerated, neither by Americans nor by the world.
Thank you for your interest and continuing support.

                                        In Solidarity,
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