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In June 1994 Margaret Neylon was facing a very uncertian future with no job and no prospects. Then her angel told her "Give a course called Talking with Angels". She did so, and the rest is history.
Now ten years on, Margaret has become a best selling author and her books are available in English, Polish, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. She has given her angel workshops around Ireland, the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa. She writes extensively on angels and related matters,  and has her own weekly "Psychic Spot" on Today FM's Breakfast Show, Irelands leaading morning radio show.
Despite her busy schedule, at home and abroad, Margaret continues to encourage people to open  up to their angels with her books, CD's and Angel Inspiration cards.
Now her new publication"Angel Love, a Workbook" will prove another bestseller!
If you liked "Angel Magic" you'll certainly enjoy "Angel Love"
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'I Believe in Angels' (a short article published some time ago)
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"An angel qoute will sit right in this space"
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