Kitty Kitty


This text was written during my Christmas Break 1997.

A couple of months ago, I told my mother that it would be nice to have a kitty around the house. I had just started college and felt I was up to the challenge of taking care of a cat. She said she would think about it. A couple of weeks went by and she started making phone calls. The local pet shelter had cats up for adoption, but they were 12 weeks and older. I wanted a baby cat. One day, I got home from class and there was no one home, just a message on the answering machine saying "I went out with your brother to a Tupperware party, Be back later". I sat home, alone, without nothing to do but watch TV for about 2 hours. I heard the door and didn't get up to answer it since I heard Mom's key. I sat up in my bed to say hi to my mom and heard a meow. My brother was carrying a 5 week old kitty wrapped in his shirt. I was in heaven. The weekend before that Mom and I had bought the equipment from the pet store: kitty bed, food, cat litter... everything. Spot came from a house out in the country side. She was given to my mom by a classmate of hers from continued education course she was taking at the university. That first night I held her and peted her so much she had no other choice but to fall asleep. After about two weeks she had been through vet hell. She had fleas, round worms, and earmites all of which had to be trated. She was from the country side, so this was expected, but the treatment was unwelcomed by her.

Right now, she has her shots up to date, no live residents in her body, and 14 weeks of age. Since we came to New York for the Holidays I payed $100 out of my own pocket for her to be with me for Christmas. I don't really remember what life at home was like without Spot. Now, I can't imagine life without her.

Update. June 1998.

We got another cat, this one from the local animal shelter. She is a tiger like hyper Kitten named Vivi. This one was my brother’s graduation present. She was apparently taken away from her mother too soon. She still has that reflex where kittens suck and push with their paws. It’s actually good. She is the best masseuse I’ve ever had. She comes into my room in the middle of the night and starts pushing gently against my arms and tummy. I turn on my backside, and she massages my back. All the while she is purring like nuts!

At first she did not get along with Spot. There was a lot of hissing the first couple of days around the house. Now… they look for each other, play with each other and sleep on the same furniture.

Update. March 1999.

Here is a picture of Spot and Vivi. Spot is the tri-colored one and Vivi is the black and gray.

If you have the money and the love… adopt a cat or a dog from your local sheltter. They are free (compared to the store bought kind) loving and most of all CUTE!!!!.

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