Archaeology in Albania

During the XIX century Albania was "invaded" by foreign archaeologists. The first National Archaeological Museum was established in 1948, and then sistenatic research began in Apollonia. Archaeology in Albania is rich of information and it is very important for many conferences and also written in many books. There are many testimonials of prehistoric human beings living in Albanian territories and also of some prehistorical houses. The region of Korca, in South -Eastern Albania is the most-known. Testimonials about the Illyrian period are in many and they are clear. Research in Durres and Apolonia, Butrint and Ardenitza verify the Illyrian existence in Albanian territories. Illyrian cities were created in the Vth century b.c.
Ancient city of Apollonia
One of the most important cities in the antique world Cicero .... click more

Artifacts found in Apollonia

Demonstrations of Illyrian culture : Relief with gladiators ,"STELE" "Descend of Hades" ,The theatre, click more

Monuments in Apollonia The bouleuterion,Lion's head
Fountain of Cephissus,The odeon Acropolis,Church of St Mary Illyrian walls, click more

Livia is back
the head was stolen from the Butrint museum in 1991 ,in april 2001 it returned to Albania
click more
Ancient City of Butrint
The Roman poet Virgil described Butrint in Book III of the Aeneid as a "Troy in miniature," click more

Learn more about Butrint
Butrint is mentioned frequently in the letters of Cicero , who, compared it with Antium . click more

Monuments in Butrint
Theater,Temple of Asklepios
Roman Baths,marble statues Early Christian Baptistry
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Fresh archeological
uncoverings in Albania
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Ancient Albania
The origins of the Albanian people, Albanian language ,Illyrians ,the kingdoms , Illyrian culture, old Cities.... click more

Ancient city of Amantia
Amantia pure Illyrian city fascinating place
It was established about 350BC. The work Coastal Passage,attributed to Scylax links it.... click more

Kingdom's of Illyria
The earliest known king
of Illyria was Hyllus
(The Star) ,Bardhyllus
(White Star),was an other
prominent of the
Illyrian kings click more

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