THE AMERICAN VULTURES (Family Cathartidae)

Vultures are carrion eaters. They do not hunt live prey such as eagles, hawks and owls do. The vultures talons (claws) are to weak and not suited for grasping struggling live prey.

The vultures head is small and has no feathers on it. As well the vulture has a very hooked bill. Both these attributes aid the vulture in consuming the carrion they find.

Vultures do not build nests. Instead they will lay their eggs in any sheltered spot such as a cliff ledge or a cave, a hollow log or even in an abandoned building. Flocks of vultures will often roost together.

The California Condor is now probably extinct in the wild but captive breeding may one day return the California Condor to the wild.

Click here to see pictures of vultures.

Black Vulture..Black Vulture

California Condor..California Condor

Turkey Vulture..Turkey Vulture

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