"Born and raised a CANADIAN and PROUD of it."

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The song LogDriver was my Dad's favorite song. In honor of his memory I have placed it on this page.
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Picture of Fred

This is a picture of me,"WileyWolf" aka Fred. It was taken in the summer of 2000.


My name is Fred. I hope to entertain you here in my den. Come on in and sit right down, make yourself at home.

Let me tell you a little bit about what this and other pages are all about.

I love all animals, but some mean more to me than others. Particularly wolves and Birds of Prey (Raptors). I will introduce you to them and some activities that I enjoy. Perhaps you will take an interest all your own after your visit.

You will also find a page on my home Province, Alberta and the city I live in, Calgary. I have also begun a new page on my career in the RCAF/CAF as a firefighter.

Come back often as ALL my pages are NEVER complete and something new will be added as time permits.

I have a great interest in and respect for wolves. a running wolf

Click here to get some general information about them.

Another, and even greater interest is for Birds of Prey (Raptors).......Owls, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Vultures.

an Eagle
Click on the " soaring eagle picture " to see more about Birds of Prey.

Also, I love birds of all kinds and know quite a bit about them. I love to take drives in the country with my binoculars in hand and birdbook at my side to enable me to identify different species.

Fishing is one of my favorite past-times. I could fish for hours for trout. There is nothing better than a trout cooked over an open fire...yummmy..
Go here for some pictures of Alberta Fish.

Among some of my indoor activities is a love for Louis L'Amour novels. I have a collection of ALL his books. In time I will add more about this hobby but for now go to The Louis L'Amour Fan Club. There is a lot of really interesting information about him and his books and an area to voice your opinion. Click here to get to this neat site!

Now, allow me to take a few minutes of your time to tell you a bit about ME and some of my life and history.

I am a 67 year old male. Retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force/Canadian Armed Forces as a Master Corporal FireFighter. I also served 16 years as a Deputy Director of Operations in several Corrections Facilities in the Province of Alberta in the Edmonton area. Retiring from this position in 1991.

My interests vary as most everyone else's do. I enjoy surfing the Internet, and meeting new people. I also enjoy camping and fishing and video taping nature and nature scenes. I am an avid Louis L'Amour fan and have read all his books. I enjoy a quiet evening of reading or watching TV as well as playing cards with my BETTER half.

In my PRIME I enjoyed participating in hockey, baseball, soccer, swimming and golf. Due to an unfortunate accident while tending goal in a soccer game I suffered torn tendons in my knee. I was able to play sports again after my healing period but was always conscious of the fact that I was not giving 100%......Such is life in the sports world. Now I play Tiddley Winks and other strenuous table sports. Hehehe.

Check out my better half with blonde hair and the most beautiful smile. She is the most IMPORTANT person in my life.

Please sign my Guest Book but DO NOT leave any private messages as I cannot access them.

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