2004. January, I think.


I don't know.

The mission:

Get rejected from a ring


Unsuccessful, I'm glad to say

As one must often do when writing about the Internet, I swear to you that I am not making this up. Once upon a time, there was a ring called the "Chaos of Subversive Expressionists". It had been created as an act of protest, ostensibly because the manager (then known as a ringmaster) of an anti-censorship ring was turning down applicants to join the ring, on the basis that their sites weren't very good. This, our friend insisted, was censorship. In protest, then, he created a ring that could be joined by anybody, onto which one could put any site one wanted. Any site? I set out to create a page that he would surely have to reject. He accepted it. I was delighted.

I created a special navbar in honor of my admission, which you can see at the bottom of this page. The Chaos has since been merged into another anti-censorship ring, so this is not valid ring code for anything, but it's part of the history of my pages, so I'll keep it and send the famous Genessa a little extra link love. I'm sure she won't mind. The logo you see is a photoshopped version of a 19th century illustration from Through the Looking Glass, showing the title monster from the poem Jabberwocky. I felt it would fit in with the concept of the ring, and I guess the ringmaster agreed. I was a little sorry to see the ring go. I was curious to see what else would end up on it, but Webring did not share our amusement with this concept. I guess.

A link to that page follows. When you decide you want to come back, click on any link or image you want. They'll all bring you back to this point ... and here we go. If you were disappointed that all the Cooltext logos did was bring you back to this page, the next button should be a little more satisfying.

Logo and Graphics 

What does it all mean? I have no idea. Not exactly. "Ford" I got out of a "News of the Weird" story, mentioning somebody somewhere in the former Soviet Union who wrote what some considered to be the most boring novel, ever, consisting of nothing other than the same word ("Ford") typed a few hundred thousand times. I'm not sure of why that was a novel. If having a lot of words on a lot of pages is enough to qualify, does that mean that everybody who edits a phone directory is a novelist? The guy's family thought he had gone nuts, an opinion that was only confirmed when he started talking about a sequel to his masterpiece, and claimed to have found an agent.

It seemed the perfect symbol of absolute pointlessness to me. I then looked for a picture of a ford crashing into a wall, coming to the deadest of all dead stops, but as nobody was willing to crash his car for me, I had to settle for the stock image I could get. Pointlessness and futility, then, with the chimes representing the tinkling of shredded metal. Or something. What frustrated me was that the script running the text of Jabberwocky at the bottom of the screen was suppressed everywhere this site went, first at Geocities and then at 1Hwy, which perhaps was fitting? Having created a symbol of futility, I got to experience a little of it, myself. Yeah, we'll go with that. Maybe.

OK, that's nonsense, and that's the point. Some people would get hot under the collar about what they saw as being a silly point. My point was that this guy wasn't convincing anybody, so whether one agreed with him or not, why should one not treat the whole thing as theater, as a game and have fun with it? It's all good? Others will differ, but I think I'm having more fun. The unmangled ring code is down there. Bottom of the page, you can't miss it.

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