Our Orchid Guru
Dr.J. Joseph. MSc Phd.
Former Joint Director Botanical Survey of India
Dr. J. Joseph took his B. Sc degree from the University College, Trivandrum (1951);
M. Sc. degree from Saugar University (1955),
Ph. D. from Gauhati University (1970)
and a special training in Taxonomy (1972)
in Germany under the Indo-German cultural Exchange Programme.
Orchids are his special subject and contributed
much to the knowledge of Indian orchids through many original research papers
which include a dozen of new species.
(Diplomeris Josephia and Robequatia Josephiana) have been named after him by the workers in the field.
He has been selected as a member (1985-87)
by the Species Survival Commission of I UCN to serve
on the Indian subcontinent in the orchids specialist group.
In recognition of his merit he was sent as one of the Judges
of the 11th World Orchids Show and Conference
held at Miami (Florida) in 1983 by the Government of India.
He is the author of Flora of Nnngpoh (1982),
An introduction to the cultivation of native orchids (1979 with kataki),
Insectivorous plants of Khasi and Jaintia Hills Meghalaya, India (1986-with K. M.Joseph.)
Orchids and their Cultivation published by the owner of this site
He was the Emeritus Scientist of Calicut University,
appointed by the Government of India to carry out
research on the orchid flora of Peninsular India to throw light on the distribution, cultivation,
multiplication and conservation of them.
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