Guys.. i won't be posting their profiles here 'coz you have hunter sites and their shrines for that ^^ sorry minna-san!


very very very very genki ^^. He is Killua's best friend. A very good friend! Remember when Killua came home? Gon was really determined to bring him back no matter what it takes. He is full of determination and is pure of heart... very innocent indeed ^-^. He wants to be a hunter to search for his father and probably to follow his father's footsteps as the best hunter as well. Uhmm.. (gon fans pls. don't be mad at me for saying this ^^;) I think of them all, gon was the most unexperienced in socializing with the people, having fights and all that... But he sure is a really nice kid n_n


My second fave character from HxH. Well.. HE (he's not a girl as most of you think.) is so kawaii too!!! A very intelligent person. Reminds me of Kurama from Yuyu. He got Hiei's stubornliness though. He joined gon in his journey at the boat they (gon and reorio) rode to take the hunter exam. He is the last suvivor of the tribe of kuruta and he want to retrieve the other red eyes taken from his tribe. He was so determined to follow the Gineiryodan, the group that took the red eyes. At the later part of the series, the story was focused to him and upto the ova.. (hmm.. the 1st ova is all about him!)



He wants to be a doctor some day - at first i thought that his story would be tacled farther as the story goes... but then again.. i am wrong ^^ - For Leorio being a doctor huh? That's why he joined the hunter exam.. He is the second person we met at the series and he's quite good with buissness talks and stuffs. Unlike kuwabara, he's a nice guy and not really that annoying. Well.. somehow he is thinking what's the right or wrong thing to do, and he's quite intelligent (but not as intelligent as Kurapica n_n)


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