Fabio Lione
Lione's voice is the voice with a big capital V! Simply Bellisimo(forgive my poor knowledge of Italian)! His range is like a powerful sword meant to defeat all the evil dragons troubling the fairy tale lands of Algalord. Ignoring the kingdom of opera this young vocalist found his soul in the realms of melodic heavy metal instead. Previously known as Joe Jerry from the heavy metal band "Labyrinth", Lione joined "Rhapsody" in 1995. He also has great solo albums, both classical and metal.
Jeff Scott Sotto
Yet another one of my favorite ex Malmsteen vocalists. Remember this exotic warrior with the wild mane of curls as a mighty screamer in "I see the light Tonight"? What a voice!!! His career is connected with some of the finest stars of metal like Axel Rudi Pell, his personal bands "Takkara" and "Talisman", and many more. "Ahhh-ahhh-a-aahhh!!!". Today the hair is gone but the voice still remains:-)!
Timo Kotipelto
My favorite falsetto in the world(King Diamond will have to accept my apologies:-(). Loyal voice of the mighty crew "Stratovarius" for over eight years, Timo's star keeps shining ever so brightly. He is working really hard on his solo career as well. My soul trembles each time I hear his highly emotional love songs. "Years go by" from the "Destiny" album is among my favorites, I dream of performing this song on stage some day.
Sing high Timo!!!
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