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Well, this is the page where I am supposed to tell you about myself, just so you know who it is that set this up, and so you can laugh at someone for how badly this is done
My name is Mikey. I believe in alot of things, but people only tend to dwell on what I am against. I believe that we were all created free. We were given free will to make our own decisions, and it is unnatural to try to control other people. I would never try to force my idea's on other people, I just ask that thay listen to me before they attack me with their ideas. I have alot of labels that are forced on me because society has to label something to know what it is. The following are just a few of the labels which I get, I don't like them, but technicaly they are all right, I just don't like being stuck down with a certain label. Anyway, I'm an anarchist, a Disciple(in other words, I'm a Jesus kid, but not like the others), a vegan, I'm straightedged, a pacifist, an anti-racist, anti-fascist

And those are just the labels I get for my beliefs, I get even more for the music I listen to and the way I dress and act. I have been threatened many a time for my beliefs. A neo-Nazi skin head was about to hit me over the head from behind before someone stopped him, jsut because I had an anti-swastika jacket on. That jacket has got me into alot of trouble, so I stopped wearing it to places that are asking for trouble. I had my chain ripped off my neck at a show once, because it had a cross on it. I had a few drunken kids want to beat me up after this other show, just because I wasn't drunk. I've been picked on in every school I go to by the teachers for various reasons, either for complaining about the uniforms we are forced to wear in New Zealand, complaining about the fact that we aren't allowed to leave the school grounds unless we live nearby, what we are taught at school, how were are taught it, the fact that we are forced to abondon any form of imgaination to fit into the strict guidelines set out by our Enlish and Art teachers.

My Mayor Campaign

I can remember having to stay in after class to put up chairs because my Biology teachers got mad at me for questioning evolution. He had no idea how to answer my questions, so I was kept in to do work. This happened all year in his class. I was threatened to have my sixth form certificate taken away unless I participated in some exercising into trying to find out about my past lives, and having someone try to look at my arua. I was told that I wouldn't get a reference to go to university next year from my principal unless I stopped protesting outside the stand set up by an organisation known for it's cruel tests on animals. This is the kind of oppression I have tried to flee from my whole life.

It seems that kids with intelligence, that try and fix the wrongs in this world are persucuted until they either leave, or conform. I am a problem for the teachers because I do neither. I have just had to friends bail out of the school system because of being persucuted by the administrators. My one friend left after a website he made condemning his school, Whakatane High School, was found my the principal. He ended up with 5 armed police at his door to take his computer away. He left school several weeks later, after being threatened with expulsion, and given 40 hours of detention. My brother was also threatened with expulsion for being involved in it.

For more of my views, check out my views page.

Now more info about me. I am 18 years old, old enough to vote, smart enough to know not to. I live in New Zealand, but was born in Canada. I have three little brothers, all of which are strong in their political and spiritual beliefs. My mom and two of my brothers are also vegetarians. My mom is very supportive of my left wing ideals, but my father works for a multinational company, known for it's pollution. He is less supportive about my economic beliefs. He seems to believe that capitalism is the best system we know of (note that he agrees it is a horrible system, just that it is the best we have).

I am a strong believer in Jesus, but I would never ever try to convert you. I am simply informing you, just as I told you taht I don't eat meat. I would never ever support any so called Christian political party, and I would never ever try to force Christian morals on anyone else. It is for these reasons that I am pro-choice, but against abortion, I am pro-choice, but personally against Euthanasia. It is not my place to say you can't do those things, but it is my place to say that I would not if I have the choice.

I'm into Punk rawk, hardcore, ska, emo, and all the styles that mix those up, eg emo-core. I like the whole scene of it, the chance to meet with like minded kids at shows. Next year I'm going off to nursing school. I've taken a life time vow of poverty. Alot of people have a hard time with that, like the teachers at my new school. It's a rich kids private school. I can only afford to go there because my mom is paying with the money she gets from teaching piano lessons. The only reason I am going there is because I couldn't learn with the attitude of the teachers towards me. The teachers at my new school believe that money, and knowledge bring happiness. I am a firm believer that ignorance is bliss, for most things. I would probably be happier right now if I hadn't been smart enough to see all the things that are wrong around me. But I would probably be dead right now if I was ignorant to the love of God. My teachers can't see that. To them success is numbers kept in the profit margin.

My plans for the future are to get my bachelor of nursing degree, and sign up for a ship called the Mercy Ship. It is a hospital on a boat that travels to different thrid world country's and islands. I will get no pay for it, in fact, I will have to pay $NZ50 a week to live on the ship. That's cheaper than I am paying for rent at the moment. I live away from home during the week, as the school i am going to is a couple hours away. Don't be mislead, it's not a boarding school. All schools in New Zealand have uniforms, which makes no sense to me at all. I once wrote a letter in to the local newspapers about the nonsense of uniforms, and various other school rules. I recieved quite a few phone calls and comments. Afterwards, I was given a detention, after which I was kept in for an extra 15 minutes to talk to the teacher in charge about my letter. I was then given an after school detention, where I was forced to pick up garbage, and push benches around for the assembly the following day, where were are forced to stand when the principal enters, in a Hitler type fashion, and tells us how we should be acting, and then glorifying the athletes of the school. At an assembly aimed at the next years freshmen, during an orientation day, the principal told all the new students that I, naming me in fact, was a bigot, and my letter should not be listened to.

Well I'm sure you are all very bored of hearing about all this.
If you want to talk to me, send me an e-mail, or find me on ICQ, my number is 4704865.

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