Got Freedom?

Freedom? Ya Right!

Didn't think so!!

Greetings, and welcome to the only place any where you can be free. This is my home. It is free of the restraints that exsist in your countries. in your schools, in your homes, in your workplaces, and on your streets. This is the home of free speech, free actions, free beliefs. I have made this site myself, to be simple in the beginning. Hopefully it will soon fill to be larger. It will be full of essays, links, poems, songs, pics, everything that could be wanted. And all about what you want it to be about. Just to make sure that you have your say in this, I am allowing you to change the page when you want, add to it, and make it full of views, arts, whatever. To do this I am going to test it out for a while. I will give you the user name and password. I invite you to use your freedom on this page. This page is not mine, it is ours! It is is Freedom!!!!

Username: xmeatlessx

Password: punk_ass

And to change anything, just go to GeoCities and it should be pretty basic from there.
If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, send me an e-mail at fatmike2@yahoo.com
I know this is a bit of a contradiction, but there are rules to this freedom, just rules to make sure that no one limits the freedom of other people. To learn more about these rules check out the rules page They've just been updated by the way, so even if you read them before, read them again, they are a little bit different.


Alright you guys have been pretty slack lately. So far I've only had about on kid stick a poem on (thanks stevey), a pic added, and a few little secret messages, but aside from that, and a little act of vandalism by some evils kids, it's been pretty much quiet. So what are you guys waiting for? A reward or something. Get writting, get doing stuff. Come on!!!!!

End Censorship
This page supports the Black, and Blue Ribbon Campaign.


Now, for the basic contents of this page so far:

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This is the links page as it is now. Check it out for mostly political stuff at the moment

Me PageThe ME page
The page where I do what everyone does on a page they started, and talk about myself.

My Views
Where I go on about stuff I think

Where all sorta of pics are gonna be.

Basically where I have a little tiny write up on straightedge. Check out the straightedge write up in the my views page.

Your Views
A place where you, or I can put your view on things.

A place where you can find a bunch of poems

Sign the guestbook of the liberated
Where you can sign my new Guestbook. First one to sign it gets a free hug.

View The Guestbook of the Liberated
Where you can just look at what people have to say.

Message Board
Go and leave a message on the message board. I don't really know how, or if this works, but give it a blast.

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