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Here you can find links to's online catalog where you can purchase the various videos reviewed here. I've divided them into movies (including those featured in Monster Mania) and anime. All alphabetized, of course. Enjoy!

TitleAvailabilityDate ReviewedExtras
101 Dalmatians (animated) yes no 02/01/1999 Book Review
101 Dalmatians (live-action) yes yes 02/01/1999 Book Review
Bats yes yes 01/01/2001 no
Cinderella yes yes 04/01/2000 no
The Day of the Triffids yes no 09/01/1998 Book Review
Dragonheart yes yes 10/16/1998 no
Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster yes no 04/16/1999 no
Ghost yes no 10/16/2000 no
Godzilla, King of the Monsters yes yes 11/16/1998 no
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero yes yes 08/16/1999 no
Godzilla versus Mothra yes yes 06/16/1999 no
Godzilla versus the Sea Monster yes no 12/16/1999 no
Gohatto (a.k.a. "Taboo") no no 11/16/2000 no
Hocus Pocus yes no 10/16/1999 no
Independence Day yes no 07/04/1998 Book Review
King Kong vs. Godzilla no yes 04/01/1999 no
Ladyhawke yes yes 04/16/1999 no
Lake Placid yes yes 10/01/2000 no
The Lost Boys yes yes 10/16/2000 no
Mercury Rising yes yes 01/01/2000 no
Mickey's Christmas Carol yes no 12/01/1998 Book Review
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas yes yes 12/16/1999 no
Mothra yes no 03/16/1999 no
The Mummy yes yes 10/16/2000 no
The Muppets Christmas Carol maybe no 12/01/1998 Book Review
Muppet Family Christmas yes no 12/16/1999 no
Muppet Treasure Island yes no 04/01/1999 no
The Nutcracker Prince yesno 12/16/1998 no
Pride and Prejudice yes yes 04/16/1999 Book Review
Peter Benchley's The Beast yes no 05/16/1998 Book Review
Peter Benchley's Creature no no 05/01/1998 Book Review
Pitch Black yes yes 01/01/2001 no
The Relic yes yes 06/16/1998 Book Review
Rodan maybe no 12/16/1998 no
Romeo Must Die yes yes 10/01/2000 no
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island yes no 10/16/2000 no
The Sixth Sense yes yes 10/16/2000 no
The Thing no no 08/01/1998 no
The Transformers: The Movie yes no 12/16/1999 no
Varan the Unbelievable no no 02/16/1999 no
X-Men yes yes 12/16/2000 no

Japanese Anime
TitleVHSDVDDate ReviewedExtras
8 Man After: Perfect Collection no no yes 08/01/2002 no
Crimson Wolf no no yes 04/01/2000 no
Curse of the Undead: Yoma
(a.k.a. Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma
yes yes no 05/16/1999 no
Dark Cat yes no no 07/16/1999 no
Demon City Shinjuku yes yes yes 04/16/2000 no
Fake yes yes no 06/01/1999 Gallery
Fire Emblem yes yes no 04/16/1999 Gallery
Haunted Junctionno no yes 01/01/2001 no
Kizunayes no no 02/01/2000 no
Kizuna Volume 2yes no no 02/01/2000 no
Marriage yes yes no 08/16/1999 no
Ninja Cadets yes yes no 12/16/1999 no
Ninja Scrollyes yes yes 01/01/2000 no
Ogre Slayer no maybe no 09/16/1999 no
Ogre Slayer 2: Grim Fairy Tales no maybe no 10/01/1999 no
Pokemon: The First Movie no yes yes 04/01/2000 no
Pokemon the Movie 2000 no yes yes 11/16/2000 no
Poltergeist Report: Yuu Yuu Hakusho yes yes no 12/16/1998 no
Princess Mononoke no yes yes 04/16/2001 no
Sailor Moon R--The Movie yes yes yes 10/01/2000 no
Sakura Warsno yes yes 02/16/2000 no
Sakura Wars 2 yes yes yes 02/16/2000 no
Sonic Soldier Borgman: The Last Battle yes no no 01/16/2000 no
Sonic Soldier Borgman: Lover's Rain yes no no 01/16/2000 no
Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman yes yes yes 03/01/1999 Gallery
Suikoden Demon Century yes yes no 01/01/2000 no
Tattoon Master yes yes no 05/01/2000 no
X yes yes no 01/16/2001 no
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie yes yes no 12/01/1999 no
Japanese Anime
SeriesVolume #VHSDVDDate ReviewedExtras
Blue Gender 1no yes yes 02/16/2003 no
2no yes yes
3no yes yes
4no yes yes
5no yes yes
6no yes yes
7no yes yes
8no yes yes
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This page posted October 1, 1999.

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