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05/01/1998: Peter Benchley's Creature--Underwater terror takes its horror onto land.

05/16/1998: Peter Benchley's The Beast--A new terror from beneath the seas makes its presence known.

06/16/1998: The Relic--Something's stalking the patrons of the Musuem of Natural History in Chicago...something deadly.

07/04/1998: Independence Day--We're not alone in the universe...but are our fellow sentients friend or foe?

08/01/1998: The Thing--A bastion of humanity struggles against a bizarre visitor from another planet.

09/01/1998: The Day of the Triffids--A meteor shower blinds people and mutates a plant from outer space.

10/16/1998: Dragonheart--The last practioner of the knight's Code of Honor and the world's last dragon join forces.

11/16/1998: Godzilla, King of the Monsters--The terrible titanic tyrant terrorizes Tokyo.

12/01/1998: Mickey's Christmas Carol--Dickens' classic gets a Disney-esque twist.

12/01/1998: The Muppets Christmas Carol--The Muppets try their hand at the holiday classic.

12/16/1998: The Nutcracker Prince--An animated adaptation of the Christmas classic.

12/16/1998: Rodan--An ancient avian attacks an area adjacent to its nesting place.

02/01/1999: 101 Dalmatians--The original Disney animated feature.

02/01/1999: 101 Dalmatians--The 1996 live-action remake of the animated classic.

02/16/1999: Varan the Unbelievable--An ancient monster awakens in a saltwater lake.

03/16/1999: Mothra--An entrepreneur's greed brings the wrath of a giant monster down on Tokyo, Japan and New Kirk City, Rolisica.

04/01/1999: King Kong vs. Godzilla--The giant gorilla of the West and the radioactive reptile of the East are set to tango and tussle in Tokyo.

04/01/1999: Muppet Treasure Island--The Muppets set sail for adventure on the high seas in this adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic.

04/16/1999: Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster--A monster from outer space threatens the planet, and only Earth's monsters can stop it.

04/16/1999: Ladyhawke--A twist of fate brings a wolf, a hawk, and a mouse together in a tale of hope and love.

04/16/1999: Pride and Prejudice--Jane Austen's beloved novel becomes a miniseries produced by the BBC.

06/16/1999: Godzilla versus The Thing--Godzilla's back and only the mighty but dying Thing (a.k.a. Mothra) can stop him.

08/16/1999: Godzilla versus Monster Zero--King Ghidrah is back! Can Godzilla and Rodan defeat the three-headed dragon themselves?

10/16/1999: Hocus Pocus--Three witches are back from the grave, and only three kids--and a talking cat--can save the children of Salem.

12/16/1999: The Transformers: The Movie--There's a new evil in the universe, and it could end the Autobot-Decepticon war...by destroying them utterly!

12/16/1999: Godzilla versus the Sea Monster--Godzilla heads to the South Seas for a vacation, but there's an army on his doorstep and a giant lobster on the horizon!

12/16/1999: Muppet Family Christmas--Join the Muppets as they gather together for Christmas.

12/16/1999: Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas--Join Mickey and the gang in three enjoyable short films about Christmas.

01/01/2000: Mercury Rising--When an autistic boy breaks the United States' most secure code, only a renegade FBI agent stands between him and the assassins sent to kill him.

04/01/2000: Cinderella--The Disney live-action remake of the long-time favorite about a young woman who dared to make a wish.

10/01/2000: Romeo Must Die--An ex-Hong Kong cop heads to Oakland to find his brother's murder and ends up in the middle of a turf war.

10/01/2000: Lake Placid--Something big's living in a lake in Maine, and it's more than willing to make humans its lunch.

10/16/2000: Ghost--One brave soul who died an untimely death stays on earth to protect the woman he loves.

10/16/2000: The Lost Boys--Two boys moving into the "murder capital of the world" discover the reason for all the disappearances.

10/16/2000: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island--Scooby and the gang reunite and head South to find real ghosts for a change.

10/16/2000: The Sixth Sense--A child psychiatrist must help a young boy who claims to be able to see and hear ghosts.

10/16/2000: The Mummy--A priest cursed for eternity has risen to spread his evil across the world.

11/16/2000: Gohatto (a.k.a. "Taboo")--A tragic story of love between the men of the Shinsengumi in post-Tokugawa Japan.

12/16/2000: X-Men--The world's greatest mutant team go head to head with the Master of Magnetism.

01/01/2001: Bats--Hungry, intelligent, omnivorous bats terrorize a small Texas town.

01/01/2001: Pitch Black--Survivors of a crash struggle to escape a planet whose once-every-22-years night is about to unleash terror on the surface.

P L A Y I N G !

Gen-X Cops--Misfit rookie cops are Hong Kong's only chance at stopping a terrorist whom no body can get close to.

Subjects and themes will vary. Some movies reviewed may belong to a specific genre while others obscure barriers. If time permits, I may review more than one movie per update.

Note: some movies may be adaptations of published books. Unless the book review preceded it, such movie reviews will appear first in Starfire's Special Feature in conjunction with a review of the specific book before both reviews take up residence either here or in the Archive. Otherwise, the review will automatically appear here.

Here's a tentative schedule of the movies I intend to review. This list will always be subject to change as I discover and view new movies to review.

As you can see, at least two of the movies will appear elsewhere before ending up here.

Comments? Suggestions? Have a book you want me to read and review? Just click here or on the link at the bottom of the page to send me e-mail.

If any of these reviews prompted you to see the movie, then please let me know and tell me what you thought. I appreciate knowing I made a difference in somebody's life.

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