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Title: The Lost King
Author: Margaret Weis
Publisher: Bantam Spectra
Format: Paperback
Copyright Date: 1990

Humankind has colonized the stars and established itself as a space-faring people. For centuries the race has rallied behind the Blood Royal and the Starfire dynasty, genetically superior men and women trained to lead and bred to rule the minds and hearts of people everywhere. A moment of weakness destroys the monarchy and replaces it with a corrupt, ineffectual Congress. There are those ever loyal to the Galactic Democratic Republic. There are those who ignore government and work as they always did. And there are those who would see a king leading the galaxy once more. First, however, they need to find The Lost King.

The Guardians were members of the Blood Royal sworn to protect the monarchy against danger. The revolution and the republic that followed eliminated them one after another until only a handful remained. Now only two remain that can protect the last remaining heir to the Starfire Dynasty. Maigrey Morianna, closest friend of the late princess, would rather seek death than resume her role as Guardian, but her honor and her oath bind her. Derek Sagan, too, would rather be other than what he is, but it is not honor and loyalty that force his hand, for he is a Citizen General--a Warlord--of the Republic, and himself played a key role in the revolution. They are the last of the Guardians, and it falls to them to save the Republic from itself, but what can two do against an entire galaxy?

Beyond the futuristic setting, an avid reader will find many references back to earthly objects. Operatic and symphonic titles appear intermittently, and many phrases in Latin leap off the page. Don't worry, though: translations and explanations almost always follow. More than anything else, however, be ready for a strong dependence upon Greco-Roman classics, for Maigrey and Sagan both have a strong tendency to favor those older works with numerous reflections and quotations.

Margaret Weis take a step away from the fantasy she's well known for doing for TSR, Inc. This science fiction novel and the three others she's done link together into a stunning, compelling narrative that incorporates the "hidden king" story as well as many others into a major example of creative genius. Take the first step and I know you'll lose yourself in this strange new world!

Rating: Thumbs up! Lovers of "hidden king" stories, get ready for an intergalactic saga of power, politics, and royalty!

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