Starfire Scanning

This is a list of various things--books, movies on video tape, video/computer games--that I'm looking or waiting for.
If you happen to come across these things--or if you can come up with a new title for this page--please e-mail me.

I rarely buy hardcover books because my budget just won't allow it (I usually spend at least $30.00 every time I visit the bookstore, and while that will buy several paperbacks, it will only cover one--or maybe two--hardcovers). This is by no means a complete list of what I'm looking for!

I wait for most movies to come out on cable or videotape before I watch it. These are some of the movies I'm looking for. Some are seasonal and may never appear, but I'm still looking.

These vary from computer games to entertainment system games. Right now I don't have much time to play, but I do know what I want!

Does anyone know of any websites for author Douglas Niles or his works? If so, please let me know.

Last year I purchased Extinct by Charles Wilson. NBC was apparently going to adapt it to a movie (remember Beast, adapted from Peter Benchley's novel?) and it appeared for awhile on NBC's website under "Future Movies" but now I can't find anything about it. If anyone knows anything about it, please e-mail me.

Years ago--somewhere between 1978 and 1983--there was a sci-fi program on television that involved human-like aliens that transformed into vehicles that resembled jets. I think it originally came from Japan, but I can't remember the title. There were three aliens that I remember: one gold, one silver, and a teenager that wore red, white, and blue. The gold one looked most like an alien; the other two simply looked like they were wearing helmets with stiff antennae on them. They had a human friend--also a teenager--that helped them, and I think their home was in a volcano. If you know anything about what I'm talking about, then please e-mail me.

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