Tomes of Starhopping

Welcome to the land of wonders, where time travel is possible, space travel a reality, and "what ifs" come to life. Join me as I explore new worlds--and old ones--filled with scientific wonders, new civilizations, and strange new mysteries to consider.

If you enjoy reading about new worlds or exploring the mysteries of the universe, or just learning about new scientific breakthroughs, then this is the place for you. Every half-month a new science fiction book review will appear here.

Blast off to new stars and orbit new worlds in the cosmos. Delve deep into the secrets of genetic engineering. Read about strange engineering feats that mystify even the most sophisticated of equipment. And you can count on it that this category will never run out of reviews, because there are millions of sci-fi books out there waiting to be read!

So sit back and enjoy the book reviews, and let me know when you read one!

F E A T U R I N G !

04/01/2003: Explorer

Last update: Defender

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This page posted February 1, 2000.

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