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Title: Reliquary
Author: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Publisher: Tor Books
Format: Paperback
Copyright Date: 1997

A year and a half ago, Margo Green and her friends put an end to the mysterious and deadly Museum Beast that haunted the maze of corridors within and beneath New York's Museum of Natural History. They killed the monster that had slain many and destroyed the South American fibers that had created it, sent in on a quest halfway around the world, and drove it to hunt and slaughter those it encountered. They thought they closed the book on it. They were wrong.

A gifted and talented scientist absconded with samples of the fibers and succeeded in growing a plant that should have been extinct. Instead, he used the enzymes found within it to produce a drug that would, in turn, fund further research and possibly unlock the secrets to longevity and perhaps immortality. The drug, however, carried with it the same capacity for danger that the plant itself had once done, resulting in the Wrinklers, a tribe of sub-humans transformed by the enzymes in the fibers that dwelled in the lowest levels of the catacombs beneath New York City. They were not the Museum Beast reborn, but worse: a horde of fanatical, blood-thirsty hunters wholly subservient to their mysterious supplier/leader.

Margo Green rejoins Police Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta, FBI Special Agent Pendergast, and New York journalist Bill Smithback in solving the unsolved homicide cases piling up at One Police Plaza. They face many obstacles, however, for in addition to the killings, there is the problem of the homeless living beneath the streets, a bereaved mother on a crusade, stupidity and denseness among the police department's upper ranks, and a trusted associates turning on them and undermining their best efforts to defeat the psuedo-Museum Beasts. On the plus side, there are some individuals among the police department brave enough and intelligent enough to provide much needed assistance. Will it be enough, however, to save the world? For the mysterious mastermind behind the drug distribution has a horrible and hideous plan reaching fruition: to expose the entire world to the hormones and enzymes in the plant and create a world of monsters!

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child created a beast that terrified New York society at a museum gala. Now they've returned...ready to terrorize the entire city and the world with an army of less monstrous but more terrifying creatures! New York City's Underworld--and I'm not talking about crime syndicates, here--flares to life in all its dark and gloomy mystery. Perhaps The Relic kept you up for several nights before you could go back to sleep. Get ready for more nights of insomnia because the authors have compounded the terror exponentially!

Rating: Thumbs up! Horror lovers, get ready to explore a world that isn't safe even during the day!

If this book review interested you in reading it, stop! Don't you dare read Reliquary until you've read The Relic. Read my review first!

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