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12/08/00 11:32:29
Name: Claudette
My URL: Visit Me

Hello what a wonderful site you have here..I have so enjoyed your thoughts and I also would love to give you this Creativity Award Of Excellence

11/27/00 04:19:17
Name: Greywolf the Wanderer My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Favorite book: Dark Lord Favorite actor/actress: Lucy Lawless Favorite hobby: Sword Fighting
Favorite movie: Brave Heart Favorite movie monster: Godzilla

Great site.....well laid out and nicely done.

Check out our new novel........

11/04/00 12:27:06
Name: Lily My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Favorite book: The Tale of the Body Thief
Favorite hobby: j-music/anime/manga

Hi! Dee and Ryo are sooo cute... what can I say really?! They just are so "kawaii" together... I just LOVE all the pictures in the Gallery!!! There are so many!!! And the Y-marked ones just are too cute!!! *laughs* This is a really cool site!!! *applause* ~ Lily / 17 yrs / Sweden

10/08/00 06:55:33
Name: Kobayashi Shintaro My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Favorite book: ummmm....dunno...i'm a bookworm...it says it all in just one word... Favorite actor/actress: don't watch terebi n e more....... Favorite hobby: READ!!!! and watch anime, of course...
Favorite movie: don't watch those either..... Favorite movie monster: dunno.....um...don't got one....is Cat Girl one? Favorite anime/anime series: hehe.......my whole library of them.......stick em together....look! a series of looong anime that doesn't quite relate to each other after a few volumes or so!

hmm...i would like to see a bit more of the theme song pics...i like the theme song....but i always thought that it was Binky, not Bikky....then again...i have to watch it again....refresh my memory...mebbe i sign again later..or not...we'll see....

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